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July 01, 2015 12:00 ET

Planet OS and TCarta Marine Deliver On-Demand Shoreline and Bathymetry Data

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - July 01, 2015) - Planet OS and TCarta Marine are excited to announce the launch of the TCarta Data Marketplace, an online storefront that provides on-demand access to TCarta's bathymetry and shoreline data products.

"We are excited for the launch of the Data Marketplace and believe it will be a great tool for our customers to search, preview, and order bathymetry data in an efficient and easy to use manner," says Kyle Goodrich, President TCarta Marine LLC.

The Difficulty of Data Delivery

TCarta is the foremost supplier of bathymetric data for near-shore areas around the world. Because of their vast data coverage, an area that extends over the world's entire littoral zone, TCarta is capable of delivering bathymetric data for nearly any nearshore region on Earth.

However, the effort required to fulfill smaller orders for specific areas of interest is not trivial, requiring desktop GIS software to manually extract, format, and deliver the requested data. Furthermore, if a large volume of orders were to arrive at once, customer satisfaction would suffer if they could not be processed fast enough. As a result, TCarta was reluctant to accept these orders, resulting in lost customers and uncaptured revenue.

A Self-Service Data Storefront

The Data Marketplace is a self-service storefront that allows customers to browse, preview, purchase and access data products on-demand. It is built upon the Planet OS cloud-based data platform, and simplifies TCarta's data delivery workflow by automating order fulfillment tasks that previously required manual processing.

The TCarta Data Marketplace currently contains a variety of regional 3 arc-second and 30 meter multibeam bathymetry products, as well as their Global Vector Shoreline product, which captures more than two million linear kilometers of coastline and includes over 400,000 islands and many thousands of rivers and streams.

"Our goal was to help TCarta fully capture the value of their data products," shares Planet OS Director of Product Development Chris Kalima. "Through our partnership we were able to identify and address the critical bottlenecks they were facing. We're confident other geospatial data vendors would also benefit from this solution, and we'd love to help them deliver their data to the global market."

Goodrich adds, "With Planet OS we have streamlined our data ordering and delivery system, providing benefit to both our customers and our internal data management."

Interested in Learning More?

Our website contains an overview of the key features of the Planet OS Data Marketplace. Interested in learning more about how Planet OS can help you make the most of your data? Contact our sales team to schedule a chat.

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