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October 21, 2013 11:00 ET

PlanGrid Partners With BarkerBlue, Brings Document Management Services to iPad Blueprint App for Large-Scale Construction Projects

Pioneers in Digitizing the Construction Industry Enable Construction Firms & Building Owners to Manage and Control Online Blueprints on iPads

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2013) - BarkerBlue announced today that it has partnered with PlanGrid to provide a suite of professional services for construction firms and building owners to manage and control digitized blueprints and other construction documents on the PlanGrid blueprint app for the iPad.

A San Francisco-based startup, PlanGrid launched its initial iPad app in March 2012 with the goal of replacing traditional paper blueprints at construction sites. Since then, the PlanGrid app has been adopted by many leading construction firms as well as major corporations on more than 35,000 construction projects, bringing an entirely new level of collaboration and efficiency to the US construction industry that had more than $400 billion in capital expenditures on structures in 2011, according to the US Census. 

"PlanGrid and BarkerBlue are pioneers in digitizing the construction industry," said Gene Klein, CEO of BarkerBlue. "BarkerBlue started 50 years ago providing construction companies and architects with the traditional paper blueprints they needed for major projects, and a decade ago we were the first company to provide these firms electronic plan rooms for storing their digitized documents. PlanGrid is now providing the industry the first iPad app for uploading and revising construction documents, and together with our services we're taking another major step forward in reducing paper and increasing efficiency, saving significant time and money."

Industry research shows that 98% of all submissions to construction documents create discrepancies between versions. Identifying those discrepancies is critical, and it is a monumental task when considering many large-scale construction projects involve documents that contain as many as 50,000 drawings or more. With its technology-enabled services, BarkerBlue's team of experts is able to rapidly identify such discrepancies so that project-critical information is elevated and documented within PlanGrid.

With the rapid adoption of their blueprint app, Ryan Sutton-Gee, one of the co-founders and CEO of PlanGrid, said, "PlanGrid is fast becoming the killer app driving adoption of iPads by the construction industry. And by partnering with BarkerBlue, we're now accelerating that by allowing large construction companies to use PlanGrid alongside the type of sophisticated document management and control services they're used to getting from BarkerBlue. The combination of PlanGrid and BarkerBlue will save managers of large‐scale construction projects substantial time and money and guarantee that their documents are up to date and accurate. Together, we'll keep everybody on the same page with their iPads."

The two companies have a synergistic market presence as both are involved in a wide range of large-scale construction projects, including major commercial office buildings, hospitals, and corporate campuses.

"At Webcor, we are always looking for innovative ways to make our work more efficient," said, Martin Ranalli, Assistant Project Manager of Webcor, a leading commercial construction contractor with headquarters in San Francisco. "We have been using the PlanGrid blueprint app on the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) Expansion project, and we are close to achieving an entirely paperless process, but we faced a big challenge in managing, controlling, and maintaining the substantial new database of digital construction documents and information. We needed a fast and efficient way to maximize the capabilities of PlanGrid.

"We tapped into BarkerBlue's team of experts who provided the professional services we needed to help us manage our project in PlanGrid," he continued. "They helped us quickly apply quality control processes, correct and update files, ensure metadata was accurate, and properly hyperlink all our documents. We're getting very close to a fully digital, totally interoperable construction information management system."

Click here for more information about BarkerBlue's suite of professional services for document management and control on the PlanGrid blueprint app for Apple iPad.

About PlanGrid
PlanGrid is the developer and provider of a cloud-based mobile app for iPads designed to replace printed blueprints at construction sites. Its mobile app is now being used by major construction firms on more than 35,000 different projects and is now storing more than 2 million pages of digital blueprints with more than 20,000 new pages being added every day. The company emerged from Y Combinator in 2012 and has since secured initial funding from Box, 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Navitas Capital, and notable industry leaders from TinyCo, Loopt, and Google as well as from Stanford University's Construction Engineering department.

About BarkerBlue
BarkerBlue is a leading provider of technology-enabled document management and control, digital imaging and display printing services. The company has developed unparalleled expertise built over 50 years of meeting the widest range of needs of the most demanding companies, from startups and small businesses to major Fortune 500 companies and international corporations. The company is based in San Mateo, CA, is a charter member of the ReproMAX international network of independent reprographic and document management providers, and is committed to providing the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly services. For more information, visit BarkerBlue's website, or follow the company on Twitter @BarkerBlue or Facebook at

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