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MADD Canada

December 28, 2006 09:43 ET

Planning a New Year’s Party? How are your guests driving home?

If you're planning a New Year’s Party, MADD Canada urges for you to think about your guests and their drinking ahead of time.

Attention: Food/Beverage Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Dec. 28, 2006) - Are you planning a party to ring in New Year's Eve? If so, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada want you to consider planning ahead for serving alcohol at your event.

"Alcohol and driving do not mix, and if you are planning to serve or provide alcohol then you need to be concerned about how people are leaving your party," says Karen Dunham, National President of MADD Canada.

MADD Canada reminds you that if it is your party, your alcohol or the event is on your property, you may have some legal responsibility for any injuries that occur. The number of alcohol-related civil suits has increased sharply, and it is not just bars that are being sued. Claims have been brought against schools, universities, municipalities, service and sports clubs, social hosts, parents, and employers.

So, a person must consider the liability factor when hosting a house party. "In Canada, a majority of alcohol is consumed in private homes and at party functions. Research tells us that more than twice as many impaired drivers are on the road coming from homes of friends than from licensed establishments." Mrs. Dunham adds, "If you're pouring, ensure you know who holds the keys and what plan your guests have to make it home safely - with a sober driver."

MADD Canada makes available a total of three booklets and a pamphlet on their website explaining a person's responsibilities serving alcohol and how to avoid alcohol liability. The materials cover varying aspects of the issue:

-- Being Sued Can Ruin a Good Party: A Social Host's Guide
-- Alcohol, Teens and Catastrophe: What Every Parent Needs to Know
-- Keeping Good Company: An Employer's Guide

The brochure focuses on the preventative measures one can take and it is entitled 'Sobering Thoughts on Safe Partying: A Guide to Avoiding Legal Liability.'

"We published these booklets to ensure the public becomes more aware of the problem of alcohol and driving and the many liability issues surrounding the provision of alcohol at a social gathering," says Mrs. Dunham. "They really are 'must-reads' because they relate some sensible steps one can take to be a responsible host and ensure a party does not result in a lawsuit."
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