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June 14, 2007 12:53 ET

Planning Your Summer Fun

Spending Wisely to Make the Most of Your Holiday

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor NEW WESTMINSTER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, PSA--(Marketwire - June 14, 2007) - The days are getting longer, the weather warmer. Let the summer begin! The summer months can be a lot of fun, with long-lasting memories. Plan ahead so that every credit card bill isn't your only memory.

Many people plan ahead for their vacations but forget to plan for the rest of their summer time fun. According to the Credit Counselling Society, the non-profit debt solutions service, the key to managing your summer expenses is planning ahead.

What activities do you enjoy in the summer? Where do you like to spend your time? This will help you identify what you need to plan for financially so that your
summer is full of good memories, not just debts.

Summer time is a great time to invite friends over for a barbeque. Consider your budget and get creative. Fine dining or potluck? Don't forget about extra propane, ice, chemicals for the pool or hot tub. These costs can add up.

Do you play golf, go fishing, or are your kids in tournaments? What extra travel costs, equipment needs, licenses and fees do you need to pay for?

Will you finish a home improvement project? Once the new deck is finished, putting out a new patio set would sure make it that much more fun to enjoy!

Do you enjoy hobbies? Crafts, gardening, canning, restoring a car or working on a woodworking project can turn your budget upside down with tools and supplies you may still need to buy.

Concerts or festivals are a great way to spend the summer. Consider travel, food, accommodation and entrance fees.

Be creative and look for ways to save. Pack a lunch instead of buying, refill your own water or juice bottle, carpool or take the bus and you can save more than $10 a day per person. That savings can add up!

Remember, set realistic expectations at the start of the season and discuss your plans with your family. After all, this is a time to have fun and create lasting memories.

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