November 12, 2007 03:00 ET Launches With In-Depth Information on Top Cosmetic Procedures

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - With more than 16 million Americans electing to undergo some form of cosmetic work each year, serves to provide multiple levels of data on each procedure while tracking the latest developments in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Relying on a full staff of writers and researchers, has compiled material and articles on such popular procedures as breast augmentation and reduction, tummy tucks, gastric bypass, liposuction, rhinoplasty, face lifts, and Botox injections. Each article provides a full outline of what a candidate for the procedure can expect at each stage of the process. The text includes valuable safety and health information to enable that person to make the best and most informed decision possible and includes commentary on potential costs and insurance coverage.

"There's no longer a societal stigma attached to seeking cosmetic work," said Jon Davidson CEO. "It's very simple. People want to look as good as they feel. Plastic surgery and other methods like Botox aren't just for the rich and famous any more, but they do represent a big investment and we want to help people understand what they're getting, how the work will be done, and what they can expect afterwards."

In frank articles like, "Avoiding Cosmetic Surgery Buyer's Remorse," discusses the most essential step in seeking any cosmetic work -- realistic expectations. For instance, many people mistakenly believe that liposuction is a technique used for weight loss when in actuality it is effective for body contouring only. The procedure is a good option only for those people who have pockets of fat that have proven resistant to improvement by either diet or exercise.

Breast enlargement or augmentation, often the butt of celebrity gossip and jokes, is a serious procedure performed more than 300,000 times a year for a wide variety of reasons. Not only is the procedure a means by which small breasted women can improve the shape and texture of their bust line, the surgery can also reconstruct tissue destroyed in traumatic accidents or as a result of medical necessity. It is a highly refined procedure conducted routinely with great safety, but one about which many myths are circulated.

"You hear all kinds of plastic surgery horror stories," said Jon Davidson, CEO. "Exploding breast implants, death by liposuction, noses that fall off after rhinoplasty. We want our readers to understand that any procedure can carry a potential for risk, but we also want to free them from the fears that those kind of urban myths cause. Our concentration is always on accurate, factual, useful data." is a well-constructed, encyclopedic site. Major topics are accessed via a left-side menu list with news updates and articles available in boxes on the right or from a top menu bar. Note that using the information on does not imply the establishment of a doctor / patient relationship. The information is provided for research purposes only and a complete consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon is essential before undergoing any procedure.

Summary, a news and cosmetic procedure website, provides in-depth information on top surgeries and treatments including breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and Botox injections as well as covering up-to-date developments in the field. The site is intended to serve as a factual resource for individuals considering a wide range of cosmetic procedure options.

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