Plastiq Inc.

Plastiq Inc.

March 26, 2015 08:00 ET

Plastiq Offers Convenient Option for Paying Taxes in Canada

First-of-its-kind service enables consumers and businesses to use credit cards to pay all bills in Canada including federal, provincial and municipal taxes

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 26, 2015) - For the first time, consumers and businesses across Canada have the convenience of using their credit cards to pay all federal, provincial, and municipal taxes with Plastiq®, a first-of-its-kind service that enables credit and debit cards to be used to pay any business in Canada that doesn't accept them.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has recognized Plastiq as a secure and trusted means for credit card payments for personal income taxes since 2013. Now for the 2015 tax season, Plastiq can be used for all tax payments to the CRA, including personal income tax (T1), corporate income tax (T2), payroll, GST and HST. Plastiq also enables Canadians to use their credit cards to pay municipal property taxes in all major cities across the country any time of year.

"Using your credit card in a responsible way to pay life's expenses comes with many advantages, including convenience, rewards, security, and an interest-free grace period," says Eliot Buchanan, Plastiq CEO. "Plastiq lets users take advantage of the benefits of credit card payments and provides an additional option for paying any bill in Canada, including taxes, where card payments are not typically accepted."

Choice and special offer for the 2015 tax season

Now through May 31, 2015, all MasterCard® transactions processed through Plastiq to settle tax payments to the CRA will only be charged one per cent, more than half off the regular Plastiq service fee. Plastiq will also refund any late fees for tax payments made on or before the CRA's April 30th tax deadline.

"Now is an opportune time for both Canadian consumers and businesses to test-drive Plastiq and get the most out of life's important payments," says Buchanan.

"Like consumers, businesses have the convenience of managing and tracking all payments from one location while earning rewards points when they pay their bills through Plastiq. And now with our support for payroll, GST and HST tax payments to the CRA, businesses can enjoy the convenience, rewards and an interest-free grace period of using their credit cards to pay any tax in Canada," Buchanan adds.

How Plastiq Works

Making payments through Plastiq is easy. Users simply create a Plastiq account, sign in, specify the payee, and submit the payment using the credit card of choice. The regular Plastiq service fee of 2.5 percent is automatically calculated and applied to the payment total. Plastiq can accept any payment - big or small - up to a user's credit card limit. Businesses accept payments electronically via Plastiq for free.

About Plastiq

Plastiq Inc. is a respected payments solutions company founded to empower cardholders with the choice to use their credit or debit card for any payment even when cards aren't accepted. The company is based in San Francisco, with an office in Toronto. For more information, visit us at or follow us on Twitter @payplastiq.

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