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November 11, 2008 05:18 ET

Platinum Play Bingo Players Go Wild With Winning Sprees

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 11, 2008) - The Platinum Play Bingo ( promotion, 'Bingo Ball for Life' ( has made several payouts over the last few months.

To date, 17,000 Pounds Sterling has been won by numerous bingo enthusiasts hitting a full-house win on their lucky 'Bingo Ball for Life' numbers. Some of the players have even achieved multiple wins on the weekly jackpot that has run across the last few months, and their testimonials prove it:

"I was overjoyed to win on my bingo ball for life number not once but three times last week. What a great site, I have only just joined, the CM's are very helpful and the layout of the site is great and very easy to use! The money will come in very handy as we have planned a family holiday in the next couple of weeks so extra spending money, thank you once again!" - mumto4boys; won five times in two weeks.

"Thank you once again Platinum Play Bingo on my great win. Number 12 really is my lucky number, lol. I love to play on this site because the chat hosts and roomies are all so welcoming and I love the leader board idea so I know how many numbers everyone needs to win. Thank you very much Platinum Play Bingo." - mel1martin; won multiple times over a few weeks.

"Oh this is absolutely fabulous. I thought my luck must have run out when I won on my Bingo Ball for Life 3 times last week. Imagine my surprise when I DID IT AGAIN this week. I am getting to quite like Wally now, lol. The money will come in handy for Christmas shopping, unless of course I do my usual and spend it on something I don't really need. I am so glad I found Platinum Play Bingo, it really is the best site and I am not just saying that. All the CH's are helpful and friendly and I have never played anywhere before where all the roomies genuinely get along. I have had some great laughs since joining and can't imagine every playing anywhere else. Thanks to all the CH's and roomies for making it such a great place to be!" -psst-itsme; hit her Bingo Ball for Life 3 times in one week.

Since inception, 'Bingo Ball for Life' has paid out to 42 winners, with the winning amounts ranging from 111 Pounds Sterling to a massive 2,000 Pounds Sterling per winner (it often happens that the Jackpot is hit by more than one person at a time and the Jackpot amount is then divvied up equally per win). The Jackpot has been hit a total of 70 times. Some players have been fortunate enough to hit the Jackpot more than once.

In this one-of-a-kind promotion, registered Platinum Play Bingo players select their lucky bingo number either by choosing it for themselves or by completing a 'Bingology' quiz, a funky questionnaire helping them decide on their bingo ball 'identity'. This then becomes their permanent 'Bingo Ball for Life' number. Any player who completes a Full-House on their lucky number can win up to 50,000 Pounds Sterling in cash.

For more information on Platinum Play Bingo and Bingo Ball for Life, go to and, and catch up on all the promotions and prizes from one of the best online experiences around.


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