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May 20, 2011 09:02 ET

Platinum Studios, Inc. First Production Is a Success for the Company

CEO Outlines Company Strategy for the Brand 'Dylan Dog'

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 20, 2011) - Platinum Studios, Inc. (OTCBB: PDOS), an entertainment company that controls an international library of more than 5,000 comic book characters which it adapts, produces and licenses for all forms of media, announced today that the company's first feature film production, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, has delivered on the company's strategy of building brands and exploiting them in multiple avenues.

The film, a co-production with Hyde Park Entertainment and Omnilab Media, was financed separate from Platinum Studios with worldwide distribution handled by its co-production partners. Platinum Studios itself was not responsible for funding the feature film. Platinum Studios retains and controls all worldwide licensing and merchandising of the classic comic book series, Dylan Dog, on which the film is based, and the feature film. For twenty-five years, Dylan Dog has been one of Italy's top selling comic book series and the world's best-selling horror comic series with more than 60 million units sold. The property encompasses over 280 graphic novels and over 500 characters and continues to grow every month.

"One of our strategies has been to identify and acquire outstanding comic book or graphic novel brands from around the world and exploit them across multiple revenue streams," said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Chairman and CEO of Platinum Studios, Inc. "With the initial production of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Platinum Studios acquired all rights to the property in perpetuity, except for worldwide comic book publishing, which Sergio Bonelli Editore retains."

Platinum Studios continues to build on the Dylan Dog brand utilizing the brand history in licensing deals with Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A. (school supplies), Fatex de La Ganga palmal (Male apparel), International Tobacco Agency Srl (lighters), Global Watch Industries, S.p.A. (watches), Infinite Statue Srl (collectibles) and Edibas Stationery Srl (calendars).

The film has been licensed outside of North America by Hyde Park International to Playarte (Brazil), Entertainment (CIS), Pa-Dora Film & Video (Eastern Europe), Kinowelt (Germany), Myndform (Iceland), PT Amero (Indonesia), Forum Film (Israel), Mondo Home Entertainment (Italy), Gussi (Latin America), Phars Film (Middle East), Pioneer Films (Philippines), Lusomundo Audivisuals S.A. (Portugal), Cathay-Keris Films (Singapore), Nu Metro Film Distribution (South Africa), Entermode Corp. (South Korea), Tripictures (Spain/Andorra), M Pictures (Thailand), Aqua Pinema (Turkey) and Optimum Releasing (UK).

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night revolves around Dylan Dog, the world's only private investigator of the undead with a business card that features his slogan, "investigator of the paranormal: no pulse, no problem." Along with his assistant Marcus, Dylan will go where the living dare not -- facing down friend and foe alike, until justice is done. The film stars Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Sam Huntington (Being Human), Anita Briem (Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D) and Taye Diggs (Rent) and is directed by Kevin Munroe (TMNT).

Dylan Dog is just one of the properties Platinum Studios' controls among a multi-universe library of over 5,000 comic characters. While other large comics-based libraries are already spoken for, Platinum Studios remains independent of major entertainment studio affiliation. Marvel was acquired by Disney for $4 Billion, and is the second major comic library to be acquired by a Hollywood studio after DC Comics, which is owned by Warner Bros.

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