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February 26, 2015 11:30 ET

Play Bigger Research Uncovers 11 "Super-Unicorns"

Play Bigger Time To Market Cap 100 Ranks Tech's High Velocity Value Creators

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - February 26, 2015) - Today, Play Bigger Advisors unveiled The Play Bigger Time to Market Cap (TTMC) 100 List. After a comprehensive data-science research effort, Play Bigger has ranked the U.S. technology companies that are growing their market cap at the fastest velocity. Companies that qualify for The Play Bigger TTMC 100 are American venture-backed technology companies founded since the turn of the century. The list was compiled with data as of year-end 2014. Super Unicorns are companies that have a TTMC Velocity of more than $1 billion per year.

The Play Bigger TTMC 100 Fast Facts

  • Play Bigger TTMC 100 companies have created over half a trillion dollars of market cap from 2000 to 2014.
  • The top 11 are "super-unicorns", each growing market cap faster than $1 billion per year.
  • SnapChat is the youngest Super-Unicorn, achieving $10 billion valuation in 2.7 years.
  • Uber holds the record for fastest US TTMC, achieving $41 billion in 6 years, creating more value in less time than Facebook, Google, and
  • The average Play Bigger TTMC 100 company is 7.0 years old.
  • Zenefits is the youngest company on the list at 1.4 years old with a $500 million valuation.
  • 51 of the Play Bigger TTMC 100 are enterprise focused.
  • Workday is the number one enterprise company on the list, creating a market cap of $15.2 billion in ten years.
  • 49 of the Play Bigger TTMC 100 are consumer focused.
  • Facebook is the number one consumer company on the list, creating a market cap of $215 billion in eleven years.
  • Consumer technology companies created 76% of the market cap on the Play Bigger TTMC 100.

Time To Market Cap

Time to Market Cap is the measure of how long it takes a company to reach valuation or market capitalization milestones. TTMC Velocity is the annual growth rate of a company's market cap. TTMC data provides a strategic lens into the velocity of new company, technology and category development.

"Time to Market Cap has emerged as the leading indicator that a company has the potential to become a Category King," said Al Ramadan, co-founding partner at Play Bigger Advisors. "We salute the companies on The Play Bigger TTMC 100 for creating $569 billion in new market cap in just fourteen years. These modern technology leaders have set a new Time To Market Cap bar and we wish them well on their journey to become Category Kings."

The Play Bigger TTMC 100

    Market Cap  Velocity  Company
Rank Company name ($Bn)  ($Mn / Yr)  Age (Yrs)
1 Facebook 214.6  19,513  11.0
2 Uber 40.0  6,730  5.9
3 WhatsApp 21.8  4,247  5.1
4 Snapchat 10.0  3,765  2.7
5 Twitter 22.4  3,091  7.3
6 LinkedIn 28.5  2,195  13.0
7 Airbnb 10.0  1,589  6.3
8 Workday 15.3  1,527  10.0
9 Dropbox 10.0  1,377  7.3
10 Pinterest 5.0  1,144  4.4
11 Square 6.0  1,042  5.8
12  Palo Alto 42  MediaBank 72  ExactTarget
13  YouTube 43  HomeAway 73
14  Oculus VR 44  Evernote 74  GitHub
15  Service Now 45  New Relic 75  Instacart
16  Nest Labs 46  Box 76  Supernova
17  Groupon 47  Honest 77  Viddy
18  Palantir 48  Pandora 78  AppNexus
19  GoPro 49  Nicira Networks 79  Castlight Health
20  Cloudera 50  Guilt Groupe 80  Marketo
21  Splunk 51  Zendesk 81  VEVO
22  Pure Storage 52  Tinder 82  ngmoco
23  Tableau 53  JustFab 83  Urban Compass
24  Zulily 54  ZocDoc 84  Ambarella
25  Houzz 55  TangoMe 85  ArcSight
26  FireEye 56  ActiFio 86  AirWatch
27  Veeva 57  Kayak 87  DocuSign
28  Stripe 58  Flipboard 88  Jasper Wireless
29  Zillow 59  Domo 89  Adify
30  Yelp 60  Netezza 90  Thing Daemon
31  Beats 61  Slack 91  Foursquare
32  Zenefits 62  Waze 92  Buddy Media
33  Nutanix 63  Hotwire 93  Twitch
34  Instagram 64  One Kings Lane 94  Wayfair
35  Hulu 65  MongoDB 95  Automattic
36  Zynga 66  TrueCar 96  Eventbrite
37  Fab 67  Meraki 97  Climate Corp
38  Hortonworks 68  LifeLock 98  Braintree
39  Guidewire 69  Tumblr 99  Ipreo
40  GrubHub 70  Trulia 100  Kabam
41  Yammer 71  Quora     

Play Bigger Time to Market Cap 100 Report

The Play Bigger TTMC 100 Report can be found here:

The detailed list and charts can be found here:

Play Bigger Research Agenda
We believe that the failure rate of startups and new product introductions is too high in the technology industry, with less than one percent of startups achieving billion dollar values. The objective of our research is to assist entrepreneurs, executives and VCs with insights that increase their odds of winning.

Play Bigger Research Methodology
We assembled a team of computer scientists, data scientists and business executives to comb through a variety of data sources to create a fact-based database on the velocity of market cap growth. The research examined financial transactions from 702,000 companies searching for companies that were U.S.-headquartered, venture backed, in the technology industry and founded since 2000. We only included transactions that occurred between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2014.

The research was conducted using a primary data source from PrivCo ( We also used Crunchbase ( and other sources. We developed custom python code to extract and manipulate data and primarily used Tableau ( for the analytics.

About Play Bigger Advisors
Play Bigger is on a mission to help great company builders increase the odds of winning.

We specialize in Category Design -- the discipline of creating and monetizing new markets. It is a strategy for taking control over the development of a green-field potential. The goal of category design is to create a new space and become the Category King.

As audacious as it may sound, we aspire to improve the win rate across our industry by making category design a core competency practiced by the best technology companies. Just like you can design a great company and a great product, you can and should design a great category. And category design works for both startups and existing companies looking for a growth breakthrough.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Play Bigger was founded by Dave Peterson, Al Ramadan and Christopher Lochhead -- former entrepreneurs and operating executives turned advisors. More information about Play Bigger can be found at the and by following the company on Twitter @playbiggeradv, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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