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March 19, 2013 09:34 ET

Playworld Systems' ENERGI® Jr. Proves Effective in Building Strength and Improving Speed and Flexiblity in Pre-Teens and Teens (Ages 9-14)

Twice Weekly Use of ENERGI Jr. for Three Weeks Results in Significant Improvements in Key Fitness Measures, According to New Study

LEWISBURG, PA--(Marketwire - Mar 19, 2013) - Playworld Systems, a leading manufacturer of imaginative playground and fitness equipment, today announced the findings from a fitness study that reaffirms the effectiveness of the company's ENERGI Jr. outdoor fitness system.

ENERGI Jr. provides a gym-like, personal training experience with seven stations and 84 exercises. The study was conducted with 31 students from the Donald H. Eichhorn Middle School in Lewisburg. Study participants, who used the ENERGI Jr. equipment twice a week for three weeks for 30 minutes from September through October 2012, showed marked improvements in key areas and overall fitness levels.

"With growing obesity rates plaguing pre-teens and teens throughout the country, we are proud to offer a fitness product for middle school students that can get them outdoors and active, improving their overall health," said Ian Proud, research manager for Playworld Systems. "This study demonstrates the importance of equipment developed for this age group. Within a timeframe much shorter than most fitness studies, middle school students reaped the benefits afforded by ENERGI Jr." 

Study Results
The study participants, which included 16 female students and 15 male students, improved their:

  • Upper body strength on average by 51 percent. Upper body strength was determined by push-ups and horizontal pull-ups, plus their ability to hold their chin at a bar to complete the static hang challenge. 
  • Lower body strength by an average of 44 percent across three tests
  • Dynamic agility by an average of 19 percent, as measured by a Hexagon Test*
  • Abdominal strength by an average of 12 percent, as measured by a sit-up test
  • Flexibility by an average of 19 percent, as measured by a sit-and-reach test, with the average user increasing their flexibility by an inch over the course of the study

Fitness testing occurred among the participants immediately before and after the usage period. The pre- and post-testing took place in an indoor environment while monitored by adults.

*Hexagon Test: Using athletic tape, a hexagon is marked on the floor. The subject starts with both feet together in the middle of the hexagon facing the front line. The subject jumps ahead across the line, then back over the same line into the middle of the hexagon. Then, continuing to face forward with feet together, jump over the next side and back into the hexagon. Continue this pattern for three full revolutions. Perform the test both clockwise and counterclockwise. The athlete's score is the time taken to complete three full revolutions. The best score from two trials is recorded.

More about ENERGI Jr. 
ENERGI Jr. delivers a guided, fat-burning workout that exercises nearly all 600 of the body's muscles. Each station includes easy-to-understand instructional signs featuring 2D Codes that can be scanned by a teacher's smart phone or tablet PC to allow viewing of instructional videos. The equipment and free programming guide provide enough activity for a workout regimen of up to 45 minutes per day.

ENERGI Jr. offers free programming, including:

  • Detailed lesson plans for middle schools
  • Curriculum that allows for up to 28 students to use the system together
  • After school fitness program
  • Athletic program for coaches
  • Instructional videos for all 84 exercises
  • Activity log to track progress
  • Supportive materials and more

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