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October 14, 2014 09:53 ET

Playworld Systems Transforms Classic Playground Equipment for 21st Century Kids With Unveiling of the New Unity Collection

With a Belief That Play Unites All, the Family-Owned Company Will Provide Playful Hands-On Experiences and a Product Giveaway in Booth #1209

CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2014) -  Playworld Systems, a leading playground equipment manufacturer committed to saving outdoor unstructured play, today announced The Unity Collection at the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Congress and Exposition in Charlotte. Available for purchase in January 2015, the new Unity line inspires and invites children to play with its creative designs. 

Visitors to Playworld Systems' booth (#1209) will have the opportunity to experience the new collection, which includes the following Unity products: Dome, Slide Climber, Teeter Tunnel, Canopy, Rushmore, and Steppers.

"We are incredibly proud of our new Unity Collection as it marries exceptional design with unprecedented play value," said Matthew Miller, CEO of Playworld Systems. "NRPA attendees will get a first look at how these key attributes inspire meaningful and relevant play experiences for children of all ages and abilities. The freestanding products form a decentralized playground layout which allows children to move around, explore and discover new ways to play."

A Closer Look at the Unity Line
NRPA attendees are encouraged to visit the Playworld Systems booth and play. The new equipment takes traditional playground structures, and propels them forward with modern design and unique features.

Unity Dome
Unity takes the decades old geodesic dome and makes it meaningful and relevant to 21st century children. Unity is made up of various sized circles to move through and hang from, odd shaped openings add access to the center of it all where there is a special rope climbing feature. Rhythmic play activities create a 'music circle' and bring variation to the perimeter, allowing everyone to be in, on, and around the Unity dome. The structure provides everything needed in a climber with a multitude of challenges to increase strength, agility and movement planning for children of all abilities ages 5-12. Unity is also a great place to gather, gain perspective from a different vantage point and play.

Unity Slide Climber
Unlike traditional slides with only one way up and down, the Unity Slide Climber features three access points for a variety of challenge levels. The sculpture-like design makes use of every space of the structure. The tube at the top becomes a play area and provides a space to hang out while kids wait to slide down. The integrated climbers add a new dimension to the conventional playground slide.

Unity Teeter Tunnel
The usual seesaw design is limiting because it's only meant for two people. With the Unity Teeter Tunnel, large groups can get in on the fun while moving up and down. Many children can share the experience at once, allowing for some to sit or stand while others do the actual muscle work. The equipment encourages socialization and kids use core muscles as they work to stay balanced.

Unity Canopy
The Unity Canopy takes upper body climbers to new heights. The new Unity product provides multiple points of access and activity and encourages a non-linear path of exploration. Children can climb through rings, hang by hands or knees and congregate at the lookout where you can get a great view of the whole playground. The canopy provides increasing levels of challenge and the underneath area provides additional play space. 

Unity Rushmore
Unity Rushmore is a standalone version of the popular Rushmore product. At first glance, it isn't obvious how to play with the structure. The hill-like design allows a large number of children to play. They can jump, bounce, crawl, walk, roll, weave or simply sit and relax. Underneath the structure kids experience a cave like enclave where imaginations can run wild and bodies can relax in Sling Seats. Flex treads go all the way to the surface, inviting children of all abilities and ages to play.

Unity Steppers
The new multi-functional stepping-stones connect various pieces of equipment and provide space for social gatherings. Children can utilize the Unity Steppers to play pretend games like crossing the river. The non-slip surface disks ensure steadiness. 

Unity Contest @ NRPA
Playworld Systems will be conducting a contest for booth visitors, where one lucky (randomly selected) winner will take home a new Unity Dome ($15,500 Value) for their park. Stop by booth #1209 for more information. To learn more, visit

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