May 02, 2007 11:28 ET

PLAYXPERT Providing Semi-Transparent, In-Game 'Widgets' for All PC and MMO Gamers; Now Available for Download

Gamers Can Now Take Advantage of Robust In-Game Community Tools to Expand and Enhance Their Game Experience -- Initial Widgets Focus on WoW

SANDPOINT, ID -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2007 -- PLAYXPERT, LLC today announced the availability of PLAYXPERT, the next-generation community management toolset for gamers via the PLAYXPERT website The PLAYXPERT platform of in-game tools is geared toward any PC or MMO game, but has special initial features for World of Warcraft (WoW) enthusiasts interested in an enhanced community and gaming experience. Future add-on widget releases will be geared toward other popular games to follow soon.

The initial out-of-the-box features include a universal chat system widget (supporting chat communication with PLAYXPERT users as well as the XFire, Yahoo!, AOL, ICQ, and MSN communities), and a wide array of widgets for World of Warcraft players. With PLAYXPERT gamers can stay in-game and query information about users, professions, items, or anything else about the game world. World of Warcraft widgets include an Armory Widget, Thottbot Widget, WoWWiki Widget, and a Wowhead widget. PLAYXPERT also provides a Google widget with this initial installation so that gamers of any game can find key information online and access it without having to leave the in-game experience.

Future PLAYXPERT releases will also offer gamers PC diagnostic capabilities, additional community features, game stat tracking, clan and team management, and in-game music features.

"Online gaming is intrinsically social, with millions of young adults around the globe interacting constantly. To maintain an interactive social gaming environment, gamers use VoIP applications, websites, clan forums, IM, and other disparate tools. Historically, to use these tools, gamers have been forced to alt-tab out of game and thereby leave the immersive experience that games deliver. We solved this problem today. PLAYXPERT brings together all of the critical pieces that gamers need directly into the game enabling players to reach out to their gaming community via a semi-transparent overlay, directly from the game they play," said Charles Manning, CEO of PLAYXPERT.

PLAYXPERT utilizes an in-game overlay technology that works with any game using DirectX (OpenGL support is scheduled for release later in the summer). Through an extensible widget architecture, PLAYXPERT brings the key tools that gamers need into the game, giving them more control over their multiplayer gaming community, a richer set of social networking tools and a wider variety of gaming experiences. PLAYXPERT can serve as users' primary communication platform even outside the game community.

In addition to providing outstanding tools for gamers, PLAYXPERT is a completely customizable platform giving gamers, game developers and the mod'ing community the power to build new in-game widgets without the engineering challenge of developing in-game overlay. PLAYXPERT has published their widget application programming interface (API) so that community-built widgets can be delivered for the PLAYXPERT ecosystem.

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PLAYXPERT, LLC is the provider of next-generation in-game community management tools which address a core need in the growing Massively Multiplayer Online Game ("MMOG") market. The Company is focused on delivering the technology gamers want to enrich their community experience and allow them to engage in their favorite activities (forum posts, chat, music control, or monitoring system diagnostics) while in-game. PLAYXPERT is a completely customizable platform giving gamers the freedom to choose just the right series of tools to enhance their gaming experience. PLAYXPERT has published their widget application programming interface (API) so that community-built widgets can be delivered for the PLAYXPERT ecosystem.

PLAYXPERT, LLC has been developing the PLAYXPERT™ since July 2006. The company is headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho. For more information, please visit

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