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December 06, 2011 10:00 ET

Pleasanton Chiropractor Offers Platelet Rich Injections to Clientele

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 6, 2011) - An innovative new procedure appears to offer faster healing and relief for people coping with back pain, arthritis or injuries, according to a Pleasanton, California medical/chiropractic office that offers the technique to its patients. Dr. Brian Mitchell, D.O. of Non-Surgical Pain Relief Center (formerly Non-Surgical Spine Care Center) states that a technique called platelet rich injection, or PRP therapy, helps many of his clients heal faster and more completely from joint problems and soft tissue ailments. The key to PRP therapy lies in the mechanism used by the body to heal itself. When an injury or other physical damage occurs, special cells in the blood called platelets gather at the injury site. Dr. Mitchell focuses on this innovative, non-invasive technique to aid in healing and pain management.

In PRP therapy, the therapist takes a small amount of blood from the patient and isolates the platelets in that blood sample with a centrifuge, boosting the density of the platelets and growth factors by six to eight times the normal level. This super-concentrated mix of platelets and growth factors is then injected back into the patient's bloodstream to speed healing, reduce inflammation and help with pain management. The surfaces of these platelets contain various growth factors and stimulants that attract the body's stem cells. These stem cells then become the building blocks for new growth of healthy tissue at the injury site.

PRP therapy can sometimes serve as a non-invasive alternative to surgery, making it a viable option for patients who cannot tolerate surgical procedures well, cannot afford the expense of major surgery or prefer not to deal with lengthy recovery times and the need for painkilling drugs.

PRP therapy's ability to speed healing holds special value for professional and amateur athletes who must get over injuries as soon as possible so that they may train and compete. This benefit of the procedure was demonstrated to dramatic effect in the case of Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Takashi Saito. Originally considered out of commission for up to 14 months due to an ulnar collateral ligament injury, PRP therapy allowed Saito to return to the mound within a mere three month's time.

PRP therapy does not apply only to sports injuries. Dr. Mitchell emphasizes that anyone coping with an injury or degenerative health condition can benefit from this procedure. "We commonly see conditions such as back pain or sciatica from a herniated disc," he explains. "We can perform spinal decompression or chiropractic adjustments to take pressure off of the injured disc, but the disc, nerves and soft tissues still require a certain amount of time to heal properly. PRP therapy can reduce the amount of healing time by a remarkable degree, using the body's own cells as the healing medium."

Dr. Mitchell adds that PRP therapy also helps to reduce arthritis pain and other joint discomfort, a common complaint among the general population at all levels of physical activity. "We strive to keep our patients informed and updated through our practice, our website and wellness blog for advancements in technology to help them increase their wellness and healthcare," said Dr. Mitchell. For information regarding this therapy and the practice please visit their website at:

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