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November 24, 2014 08:17 ET

Please, Step Into My iPhone

iPhone case converts to 'glasses' for wearable, immersive computing experience

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 24, 2014) - Once the domain of nerds, tech early-adopters and hard-core gamers, virtual reality (VR) is experiencing a renaissance, thanks in part to a new device and platform by Canadian technology pioneers Cordon Media. Fresh off of Apple's launch of the iPhone 6, Cordon is introducing Pinć (pronounced "pinch"), the only VR platform that can fit in your pocket.

Part smartphone case, part giant leap into the future of mobile computing, Pinć serves as a ground-breaking platform built on the concept of 'spatial computing' that turns browsing, multi-tasking, and shopping into an immersive virtual reality experience. The sturdy case unfolds into a wearable VR device that will enable anyone to essentially step into their phone.

"We see the opportunity for VR as much broader than just gaming. Areas like everyday computing, shopping and entertainment are very interesting for us," said Milan Baic, President of Cordon, who leads the Pinć product development. "When we can control mobile applications in 3D environments, we get into a new realm of computing."

The current realm is limiting, particularly for developers and brands, due to small screen sizes; Pinć expands the capabilities of mobile devices by using VR and control technology to dramatically expand the interaction, work and viewing area. Navigation is controlled by wireless rings that are worn on index fingers and that the user pinches to 'click' with their hands.

Today, Pinć launches its Indiegogo campaign, where people can pre-order the device for $99.00 CAD. Orders will ship Summer of 2015. Pinć is also releasing an SDK for developers who want to tap into the Pinć app ecosystem in early 2015.

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