SOURCE: AED Global Media Network, Inc.

AED Global Media Network, Inc.

March 24, 2016 16:19 ET

Plexuss by AED Global Disrupts Marketing Success for Startups and SMEs, 'I Got Grit' Program Opens Internationally

MANILA, PHILIPPINES--(Marketwired - March 24, 2016) -  International media company AED Global has launched their in-house business marketing service, Plexuss, which caters to startups, SMEs and enterprise businesses.

Plexuss integrates news media with marketing strategies. As startup companies and SMEs strive to balance the many demands of building a stable brand, Plexuss aims to be the No. 1 resource in terms of providing a helping hand in expanding these companies' brand awareness. 

Plexuss offers a cohesive service that includes social media, journalism, branding and marketing. Instead of having separate bodies for write-ups, blogging, PR, social media and marketing, Plexuss provides and all-in-one service to companies and brands.

This type of service is fit for companies who are at the growth stage. 

"We help companies focus on what they do best and let them leverage this side of the business to us," said AED Global's Chief Executive Officer Pat Villaceran.

"By focusing on their strengths, businesses can provide the best value to their consumers. Whether you are an app developer, a wine distributor or are a design service, it is important that you become the best in your industry. When you are establishing a brand or aiming for a massive growth shift, your priorities get divided into the different categories of the business. This is where we come in."


Plexuss has launched their "I Got Grit" Program this March. The "I Got Grit" program was made specifically for businesses who are planning on achieving accelerated business growth for 2016.

Plexuss is opening its doors to different kinds of businesses: coaching, online businesses, startups, creative services and even enterprise businesses. The "I Got Grit" Program will be customized depending on the business type.

"We will study what has worked before. We want to know what charmed your consumers to your company in the first place. We will be providing suggestions based on the 'loopholes' of your current business model and we will be collaborating with you. At the end of the day, you are the heart and soul of the business."

To really help maximize productivity and growth, the "I Got Grit" Program enables businesses to tap into AED Global's "enterprise" resources. This means that the program will provide an entire team of journalists, social media specialists, and brand and Hubspot Certified success managers to companies who will join. It is like having an entire department working towards achieving marketing growth.

"Resources would depend on your business model, but yes, majority of those specialties are assigned in each and every business under the 'I Got Grit' Program."

Additionally, "I Got Grit" Program offers deep data analysis on competitor profiles and business trends. This will enable businesses to understand their customers better.

The "I Got Grit" Program has a $2,200 on-boarding fee for all. The estimate of the monthly subscription fee would depend on the business stage. However, they indicated that the fees can go from $6,500 to $25,000.

Businesses and brands can get a 1.5 hour of free business consultation with Plexuss' Hubspot Certified Success Managers by signing up here.

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