American Home Shield

American Home Shield

May 30, 2012 11:42 ET

Plumbing Routine Maintenance

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - American Home Shield is dedicated to providing you with expert service for many of the systems in your home. As such, we're not only here to provide you with a valuable home buyers warranty; we also want to provide tips for taking care of some of the most crucial systems in your home on your own. Here are some plumbing system maintenance reminders to help keep your home plumbing system components running smoothly.

At-Home Plumbing System Maintenance

Help keep your plumbing system running effectively using these reminders:

  • Examine and repair any additional hardware you have equipped on a regular basis.
  • Check water softeners and ice makers often as they usually have filters that should be changed to keep them running efficiently. Consult your manufacturer's instructions.
  • Use your garbage disposal as little as possible, if your home is on a septic system.
  • Drain sediment build up periodically from the tank, if you have a traditional water heater. See your manufacturer's recommendations for instructions on how to do so.
  • Avoid blockages by cleaning your drains on a regular basis. A mixture of hot water and baking soda will help get rid of sediment in your sink and bathtub drain.
  • Check for physical signs of wear and tear in your plumbing pipes and faucets. Catch small issues like leaks and cracks before they become big problems.

Home owners should also consider the option of purchasing a home warranty from American Home Shield. Purchased before problems arise, a home warranty plan will help deal with faulty plumbing by covering the replacement or repair of the covered components to this key system in your home.

DIY Plumbing Repair

One of the most common plumbing mishaps that occur in every home is a clogged toilet. To avoid this situation, never flush anything other than toilet paper. If it does happen, always have a plunger close by so you can deal with the issue right away.

Another common plumbing problem that many home owners encounter is turning on a faucet or shower head only to discover that little or no water comes out. First, check to ensure that your home's water shut-off valves are completely open. If they are open and the water still isn't flowing, remove the aerators from the faucet or shower head and clean them well. If you still don't have adequate water coming out, call a qualified professional.

Plumbing System Maintenance and American Home Shield

When it comes to enlisting in the help of a qualified professional, American Home Shield offers support from expert plumbing and home repair professionals. With over 40 years of experience in the market, we offer one of the largest networks of home repair professionals, so, help will never be far when you need it. Our home protection plan provides you with affordable and convenient access to this network, so before an important home appliance breaks down, call American Home Shield. Our home protection plans can help you. Worry less. Live more.

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