July 30, 2012 01:00 ET

Plumbs Sitting Pretty After Tie Up With Callcredit

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 30, 2012) - Callcredit Marketing Solutions have delivered their market-leading data, analysis and insight to help drive new sales and generate higher value repeat orders from their existing customer database for soft furnishing specialists, Plumbs.

Plumbs, who produce curtains, loose covers and re-upholstery, delivering over 1,000 made-to-measure orders each week, turned to Callcredit Information Group following a decline in new leads being generated from their traditional marketing strategy. Callcredit recommended creating a bespoke analytical model (based on Callcredit's consumer marketing database which holds approximately 43 million consumers) in order to establish a clear profile of Plumbs' current customer base and then analyse this data to build a profile of potential new customers.

As a result, Plumbs have been able to build a marketing campaign targeting the most responsive and profitable customer types - thereby reducing wasted marketing spend and subsequently driving more new sales.

Emma Curtis, Database Marketing Manager from Plumbs commented "Since we have been utilising Callcredit's profiling data we have significantly improved our Return on Marketing (ROM) on our reactivation programme in addition to recruiting a wealth of new re-upholstery customers with high lifetime value. From the three separate customer acquisition campaigns released to date, Plumbs have been able to generate over three times in new sales the level of investment. Essentially we wanted to ensure that we had the right quality of leads rather than just quantity, the prospect model created by Callcredit's customer analysis team ensured that the mailings were sent to the correct and most profitable customer types."

James Robinson, Senior Account Manager at Callcredit Information Group said "Through working with Plumbs and using their wealth of customer data, we have been able to use our 'Core' consumer database to identify more accurately the profile of a Plumbs customer. This has allowed Plumbs to gain more insight to target and acquire new customers, while at the same time build an effective strategy to re-ignite lapsed customers.

The results have been very encouraging - evidence that it is worth investing in demographic data and insight in order to get to know your customers better and produce more targeted marketing strategies."

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