February 19, 2009 12:01 ET

PLUQ Launches New Event Planning Site

Book Clubs, Dinner Parties, Night on the Town -- PLUQ Makes It Easy for Friends to "Get It Together"

SAN ANSELMO, CA--(Marketwire - February 19, 2009) - Scheduling events with friends just got easier as PLUQ today announced its public beta at

Scheduling an event for a group of people can generate tons of email trying to get everyone to agree to a date. With PLUQ, it's now faster and easier to bring everyone together.

How it Works

PLUQ enables your group to discuss, plan, and then decide on the best date for your event. Using PLUQ, everyone puts in their input silently and the site keeps a running total of the best date based on the voting. Suggested dates are color-coded to show which dates are preferred or won't work for participants. Once enough of the participants have voted, you can choose the date and broadcast the decision.

According to founder Ben Wolin, part of the inspiration for PLUQ was the frustration his wife experienced scheduling book club meetings.

"Meeting planning started with an email to everyone proposing a date. That would kick off a flurry of responses and counter proposals, taking days to reach consensus," said Wolin. "With PLUQ, friends can collaborate on decisions and schedule events without the annoying back-and-forth routine you have with email and voicemail."

Unlike other event planners, PLUQ incorporates conversation into the planning process, seamlessly integrating comments with email so that mobile users can participate without having to go to the web site to comment. PLUQ also includes the ability to include surveys, documents, photos and links to help the group make decisions.

About PLUQ

Collaboration software has been widely adopted in enterprise environments, but until PLUQ, it has never been delivered in a setting appropriate for casual use.

Collaboration on PLUQ can be simple such as picking a dinner party date, or as complex as managing a kitchen remodel or selecting travel destinations. During the Beta period, PLUQ will offer this as a free, advertising supported service. In the future, PLUQ seeks to deploy on sites with open application platforms and to partner with sites to provide a personal scheduling and collaboration services.

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