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October 15, 2014 08:00 ET

PlushCare, the Virtual Health Concierge, Connects Patients Anywhere With Same-Day, Best in Class Medical Care From Their Smartphone

Created by Stanford and UCSF Educated Physicians, PlushCare's Online Doctor Network Builds Long-Lasting Relationships With Patients, Creates a New Standard for Virtual Care

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - October 15, 2014) - PlushCare, the virtual healthcare concierge, today announced that it has emerged from beta to virtually connect any patient with online doctors educated at world-class medical schools Stanford and UCSF. Available on a pay-per-visit basis or through an ongoing workplace benefit plan, PlushCare offers same-day diagnosis, treatment, and as-needed prescriptions for urgent care, chronic illnesses or health advice all from a patient's computer or smartphone. All inclusive, a PlushCare examination is available for a $45 flat rate regardless of a patient's health insurance status. PlushCare will start in California before rolling out across the United States.

"Existing telehealth offerings focus on one-time transactions, and once the doctor signs off the relationship ends -- but we have changed that," said Ryan McQuaid, Co-founder and CEO of PlushCare. "Our world-class doctors build the long-term relationships which we are all accustomed to, but with enhanced accessibility through our seamless platform. PlushCare doctors will quarterback your health from start to finish. The virtual examination is just the start of the relationship and we will guide patients every step of the way." 

A PlushCare virtual consultation also includes post-examination follow up, lab orders and specialty referrals for in-person care or assessment if required. The user-friendly online interface eliminates the need for patients to interact with intermediary care providers such as nurses, or attend follow-up visits with a doctor who is unfamiliar with their medical history. Instead, a single, attentive practitioner of the patient's choice provides ongoing treatment throughout the course of a medical issue, with instantaneous access to cloud-based HIPAA compliant electronic medical records.

Plushcare investors Michael Baum, CEO of and Founding CEO of Splunk, and Jeff Clarke, Chairman, Orbitz and CEO of Kodak discuss why they chose PlushCare:

"I invested in PlushCare because their business model changes the economics and productivity of healthcare -- just like did in the travel industry. The only difference; PlushCare is making first class available to everyone," said Jeff Clarke -- Chairman, Orbitz and CEO of Kodak. "PlushCare's world-class doctors are focusing on building real, long-lasting relationships with their patients, while other telehealth companies are focused on one-off visits, which is ultimately what consumers want and are already familiar with." 

"The trend of 'direct to consumer' healthcare is disrupting the medical industry and sparking innovation," said Michael Baum, CEO of and Founding CEO of Splunk. "High deductible insurance plans, inconvenient treatment options and out of control costs are motivating consumers to get more informed and take control of their medical care. Today, 75% of primary care problems can be treated virtually. PlushCare provides access to world-class physicians right from your smartphone -- letting every individual have the opportunity to lead a healthy and productive life through PlushCare. We're honored to join the Care4Care movement and backing the PlushCare team."

In 2013, the average wait time for a family physician was 19.5 days, with same-day appointments practically unattainable without an emergency room visit. Additionally, the wait time is steadily increasing year-over-year.(1) PlushCare eradicates the common reasons that patients avoid seeking individual and family care, such as perceived cost and the need to miss work.

PlushCare's focus on fostering positive, long-lasting doctor relationships includes directing attention toward communities that need accessible care the most, such as children who are at risk of their medical needs being neglected. Partnering with the California School-Based Health Alliance, PlushCare has pledged to bring more health services to schools state-wide through their #Care4Care initiative: for each visit, PlushCare will help a child in need get access to vaccinations, a checkup or other required health services. 

"PlushCare was a no-brainer for us; it's an incredible additional benefit that we can provide our employees to ensure they are covered with easy and convenient access to world-class healthcare," said Arax Hoonanian, Director of Human Resources at Razor Scooter, a beta customer of PlushCare. "It's exciting for Razor to participate in the #Care4Care initiative, while our employees know that we're dedicated to ensuring a medical support system for them and their families. This ultimately helps the company by creating a healthier workforce that needs much less time off to attend to their wellbeing."

PlushCare features include:

  • $45 flat rate per same day virtual visit, over the phone or video chat -- including follow up treatment and advice
    • Flat rate includes diagnosis, treatment, and prescription as necessary
  • Individual medical information stored in PlushCare's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) so it can be shared electronically with patients or other healthcare providers
  • Instant transmission of electronic prescriptions to your local pharmacies, including but not limited to CVS, Walgreens, Safeway, Walmart, etc.
  • Integration with the leading laboratories including, but not limited to Quest Diagnostic and LabCorp
  • Accurate diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions for common maladies such as sore throat, sinus infection, urinary tract infection, rash, nausea or vomiting, and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Seamless referrals to specialists when necessary

Pricing and availability:
PlushCare appointments are available now for the affordable rate of $45 per visit. For more information, visit

About PlushCare:
PlushCare is the superior virtual care platform that connects Stanford and UCSF educated online doctors with patients anywhere across California and the United States. The unique combination of top-notch physicians, affordable pricing, same-day and ongoing appointments with the patient's choice of provider, and our personalized care structure make PlushCare the best in class platform for virtual healthcare.

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(1) Miller, Phillip. "Physician Appointment Wait Times and Medicaid and Medicare Acceptance Rates." Survey. Merritt Hawkins, 1 June - 5 November, 2013.

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