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July 12, 2010 09:15 ET

PM Time Tracking Software Offers Newest Release

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - July 12, 2010) - Popular project management and time tracking software tool offers new features in its latest release.

Project Manager Online Ltd. has just announced the latest release of their product featuring new time tracking capabilities. More than just time tracking software, is a full featured, web based project management tool. However, this latest release brings new time tracking and entry features that make it easier than ever for project managers to keep their project budgets monitored and in control.

"One of the two primary success evaluation criteria for projects is whether or not the project was delivered on budget. The other, of course, being on time delivery," states Jason Westland, president and CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd. "It's critical that the project manager has good time tracking tools at his disposal. Too often they have to rely on admins or accounting personnel to run reports and sometimes wait days for the information they need in order to track how time is being charged to their projects. By incorporating time entry and tracking into the actual tool itself, we've taken out the middleman. The project manager has the time charging data at his fingerprints and for the project archives as backup."

With's time tracking and entry capabilities, anyone on the project team can enter time on your projects using the timesheet feature. All this is done seamlessly online and is viewable instantaneously. No waiting for reports or printouts to cross check project time charging. It's easy to check actuals vs. planned for time on your projects with this feature. With the time tracking capabilities, the project manager will be able to:

--  Track all project time easily and completely online and on demand
--  Have archival viewing of all timesheets for the life of the project
--  Check actuals vs. planned for time charged to the project for a quick
    check on overall budget health
--  See task progress against planned progress from a time charging

"Keeping tabs on the project budget is never easy," states Westland. "Our goal is to remove some of the obstacles for the project manager that stand in the way of managing the project and experiencing project success. By giving the project manager complete insight and control over time charging and budget monitoring, significantly increases the project's likelihood of staying on track and on budget." boasts more than 20,000 users in over 200 countries worldwide. With 30 employees in 3 countries working hard to bring you the best features at the best price, they are truly serving up an international solution. And interested users will be pleased to find that costs a fraction of the price of an individual Microsoft Project user license.

If you're not fully sold, you can go to their website and signup for a free thirty day trial. Get your team to signup and start using it on an existing project so you get a feel for the features before buying.

To signup, or to find out more about the product, visit

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