SOURCE: Trango Broadband Wireless

September 17, 2007 08:00 ET

PocketiNet Deploys TrangoLINK-Giga™, High-Capacity Wireless Network Backbone From Trango Broadband Wireless

Licensed 18 GHz Microwave Wireless Backhaul Achieves Breakthrough Performance for Wireless Broadband Internet Access Provider

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - September 17, 2007) - Trango Broadband Wireless, a leading developer of high-capacity fixed wireless broadband solutions, announced today that PocketiNet, a wireless Internet service provider (WISP), has successfully installed Trango's new 18 GHz point-to-point licensed microwave system, TrangoLINK-Giga™, as their primary network backbone. The Walla Walla, Washington-based WISP made the decision to increase network capacity in order to support the rapid increase in bandwidth requirements and to expand their business service offerings.

"Our customers are demanding more bandwidth and our network backbone has gotten quite crowded. The bandwidth of one of our major telecom sites in the Tri-Cities, WA area has literally doubled in the last year," said Todd Brandenburg, President of PocketiNet Communications. "So, we needed an easy and cost effective way to increase our capacity, but at the same time ensure uptime and performance for our business customers who require absolute reliability. We evaluated many options before settling on the TrangoLINK-Giga™ wireless backhaul solution and we are very happy with our choice in Trango. In fact, I might add that the people at Trango have been great listeners in the past and take us seriously as a customer which also made this decision easier. The licensed 18 GHz link eliminates any possible interference and the performance is outstanding. The speed is incredible, being as fiber-like as it gets, and the low latency creates a great performance boost for our enhanced services. This directly affects the perception of speed and burst performance to our customers."

Steve Hoffman, Chief Technical Officer for PocketiNet, had this to say: "Installation was easy, especially the signal alignment. The LED signal strength indicator on the ODU made antenna alignment a breeze, which can sometimes be difficult to align on longer traditional links because of side lobe issues. Alignment is much easier on the TrangoLINK-Giga™ system. Once the link was established, initialization and configuration was very straight-forward. The TrangoLINK-Giga™ backbone link delivers carrier-grade throughput of over 300 Mbps full duplex traffic with un-noticeable delay. I look forward to using the GigE ports and features to segment customer traffic on the network, I know it will give us a lot more flexibility and make it easy for us to offer mixed Ethernet and DS3/DS1 services. We have installed many licensed links throughout the years and this product performs as advertised. It's also nice to note that Trango will be there to backup the product when and if we ever have a problem. I wish our experience was the same with the other vendors we've used. Trango has set the bar high!"

About PocketiNet

PocketiNet Communications, Inc., formed in 2000, serves businesses and residences throughout the Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon region in 15 communities with high-speed Internet and Wide Area Networking solutions. The company prides itself in the ability to provide an excellent product and local service that businesses recognize as essential for their own growth.

About TrangoLINK-Giga™, Licensed Microwave Ethernet Bridge

TrangoLINK-Giga™ is designed for high-capacity wireless backbone and backhaul applications such as ISP and WISP networks, Telco and Carrier networks, Enterprise backhaul, municipalities and others. With a full duplex peak rate of 311 Mbps, exceptionally high packet rates, and latency at less than 150 microseconds (µS), TrangoLINK-Giga™ delivers the necessary capacity for time-sensitive bandwidth-intensive applications such as voice-over-IP and video while also providing high-speed connectivity for data users.

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Trango Broadband Wireless is on the forefront of innovation in developing point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless transmission systems for licensed and license-exempt spectrums. Trango has more than 300,000 radios installed worldwide in more than 70 countries in the areas of Wireless Broadband Internet Access, high-capacity IP backhaul connectivity, mesh networks, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), IP video surveillance and emerging platforms such as wireless IPTV. The privately held corporation has a facility in Santa Clara, CA, and is headquartered in Poway, San Diego, CA where it conducts product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution activities. Product specifications and pricing are subject to change. For more information visit: