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June 06, 2012 13:00 ET

PodNod Launches Quick Q&A App for Your Personal Networks

A Fun, Fast, and Easy to Use Way to Get Quick Answers From Your Personal and Social Networks

BERKELEY, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 6, 2012) - PodNod Inc. ("PodNod") is pleased to announce the launch of its Beta app in the Apple iTunes store. PodNod makes it faster and more fun to ask questions and give responses by mimicking simple interactions that occur frequently between friends. For example:

Jamie: "What do you think of this?" (holds something up)
Sam: "Nah" (shake of the head meaning "it's not right for you")

Today, people either post a picture with question to everyone and their grandmother on Facebook/Twitter, or they text the picture and a message to a group of friends which is clunky and time consuming. With PodNod, it's the best of both worlds. Users take/choose a picture, tap a question, then ask a few friends in their phone's contact list, or open it up to their social networks -- it's their choice based on the question they are asking. PodNod gets users more responses by making it fast and simple for recipients to respond quickly. And importantly, friends do not have to join a new network to respond. All friends need is a browser, and with a simple push of a button (nod or nah), they can give a quick response. Friends can also leave a personalized comment or customize one of PodNod's tap-enabled responses.

"The key to our solution is we make it faster, easier and more fun to ask for quick advice than old school group texting or emailing," remarked Dave Mager, CEO of PodNod. "With PodNod, taking a picture, asking your contacts and/or social networks, and seeing responses all happens in one place through our app. Between Pair and Path, we see the need for pods. Pods are our user's list of friends around unique interests like running, new moms, best friends. Users create their pods on the fly to make it faster to ask the same group of friends the next time they need quick answers."

PodNod can help break through the social noise by giving you the option to easily send a text message to the most important friends along with asking your question on Facebook and/or Twitter. Facebook has been reportedly experimenting with charging users to get visibility. With PodNod, it's easy and free to stand out and get a response.

"We are creating personal social connection tools, not another private social network," continued Dave Mager. "While most tools are focused on outward 'sharing,' we've focused on the 'social ask.' Our beta testing shows successful social asking requires a focus on the question/response not the picture, the ability to choose a limited number of friends, near real-time responses if needed, and an acceptable social negative. We've created the first socially acceptable negative response that mimics how people respond in person because, let's face it, you can't have honest dialogue if you can only 'like' things."

PodNod is a free app available through Apple's iTunes store. PodNod is currently available on iOS with plans to introduce an Android version in the works. Let PodNod know what you think of its app and idea by clicking here:

About PodNod
PodNod is developing a social shopping platform that enables users to get quick product advice from their friends. By emulating offline behaviors using thoughtful and seamless mobile and online technologies, PodNod enables users to get the advice they need, when they need it. PodNod's first offering is a fast, simple and easy app that allows users to ask questions to the friends and/or social networks in one place, and get quick responses from friends without having to join a new social network. As part of its roadmap, PodNod plans to introduce additional product conversations and functionality with the goal of being the preeminent tool for quick feedback conversations between friends. PodNod is located in Berkeley, California.

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