June 27, 2012 09:21 ET

PokerStars Bankroll Builders Exclusive at is happy to announce daily PokerStars Bankroll Builders for online poker player. Every day a new poker tournament will be held in which cash prizes are given to the winners and runner-ups. Daily poker news and updates are available on the site including special offers and comprehensive resources.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 27, 2012) - have announced the launch of their new freeroll-based bankroll builder program aimed at PokerStars. Although the site has provided bankroll building opportunities for a variety of online poker rooms for quite a few years now, according to PokerStop® spokesperson, the PokerStars bankroll builders are among the best-value opportunities PokerStop has ever offered, on account of the popularity and the overall value offered by the world's largest online poker operation. Building a bankroll at PokerStars carries special benefits, which are quite obvious to all those versed in the ins and outs of the online poker industry.

Those who intend to take part in the PokerStop bankroll builders will have to sign up at the site. They will then be able to pick up the bankroll builder passwords in the freeroll section. The freeroll section can be accessed by all PokerStop visitors, but the passwords are only available to those who are logged into their PokerStop accounts. According to PokerStop representatives, reposting the PokerStop bankroll builder passwords is strictly prohibited and it is considered theft of copyrighted intellectual property by the site.

As PokerStop representatives have pointed out, posting their freeroll passwords on public forums, or anywhere where the general public can access it unrestrictedly, doesn't make any sort of logical sense for a player who intends to start and build up a bankroll through these freerolls. The password protected nature of these bankroll builders makes sure that only a select few can enter, thus radically improving the odds and the value for each individual.

The online poker bankroll builders are listed at the bottom of the PokerStop freeroll page, and the PokerStars freerolls are among them. Those who intend to play can register a new account with PokerStars straight from the freeroll page, by clicking on the PokerStars link. New players are encouraged the use the PokerStars Marketing Code "POKERSTOP" to gain exclusive access to future poker events and exclusive offers.

Poker players who already have a PokerStars account will be able to locate the PokerStop bankroll builder in the tournament lobby at PokerStars. The prize-pools offered by these bankroll builders are $20 ones, and the featured format is one that is guaranteed to suit all comers: NL Hold'em.

"PokerStop has always strived to provide the best possible value to its members/players, therefore these bankroll builders that we currently feature are fully compatible with all the other promotions offered by PokerStars," said a PokerStop spokesperson.

An interesting update from PokerStars made in June 2012 is that tennis champion and sensation Rafael Nadal has just joined the rank of PokerStars' poker players. It will be interesting to see how this move will affect sports fans around the world as the worlds of real sports and online poker meet.

Recently PokerStars launched new mobile applications and now poker enthusiasts can enjoy playing PokerStars iPad games comfortably.

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