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August 11, 2009 09:01 ET

Polar Aluminum Products Ltd.: Stay Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter

New Technology Window Covering System Save Money and Reduces Energy Consumption

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 11, 2009) - Staying cool during the dog days of summer has become a lot easier and less expensive because of the IN'FLECTOR®, a unique radiant barrier window covering system now available in Western Canada.

"Windows, even triple pain are not very good insulators," says Mr. Sahdev Sharma, Manager of Polar Aluminum Products Ltd. exclusive supplier of the IN'FLECTOR® in Western Canada. "The sun bakes your home or office all day long and it feels like an oven. You can't keep the heat out. In the winter it's the exact opposite. You can't keep the heat in. The IN'FLECTOR® system changes all that."

The IN'FLECTOR® looks like most window coverings but is specifically designed to reflect the intense heat from the sun during the summer and keep in the heat from your furnace during the winter. "It means energy efficiency and that means less spent on energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint," says Mr. Sharma. "It eliminates the need for an air conditioner and it also protects your home or office from the damaging rays of the sun."

IN'FLECTOR® sales throughout the country continue to grow as Canadians look for ways to stay comfortable and reduce their impact on the environment at the same time. Endorsed by Public Works and Government Services Canada, the IN'FLECTOR® qualifies for the Home Renovation Tax Credit Program. A typical residential installation takes about two days to complete.

Polar Aluminum Products Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer & distributor of aluminum storm doors in Western Canada for thirty years and now offers the IN'FLECTOR® to home owners, businesses and building operators.

IN'FLECTOR® The See Through Radiant Barrier Window Insulator

Photos of the IN'FLECTOR® system are available. For more information on Polar Aluminum Products LTD. please visit our website at www.windowinsulator.ca.

Media Backgrounder

Weight of Windows in Home:

When choosing windows for your home, the main environmental concern is energy efficiency. Windows make up on average 15 to 40 percent of the wall area in a house, and have the potential to allow large heat losses. In the average house, heat losses through windows can represent 22 to 37 percent of the total heat lost. Careful window selection when building a new house or renovating an old one can make a significant difference by helping to reduce heat loss.

Company Background:

Polarized In'Flector Window Insulator (PIWI), a unit of Polar Aluminum Products Ltd, is manufacturing and distributing In'Flector Window Insulators to Western Canada. The product was invented in Canada and manufactured first in Windsor, Ontario. Advantage Window System Inc. USA became the owner of In'Flector in April 1999 and moved operations to Texas, USA.

This unprecedented technology was perfected and tested by independent labs. Several credentials were collected from variety of customers i.e. Government, Industrial Commercial, other institutions and individuals.

The final product is manufactured by several manufacturing partners based on technology perfected by the parent company. PIWI was chosen Western Canadian partner, due to their proven track record of last 30 years of manufacturing Strongest Aluminum Storm Doors in Western Canada.

Product Technology:

The In'Flector Window Insulator has two sides i.e. Silver side and black side. The silver side of the In'Flector Window Insulator reflects 72% radiant Heat, 65% solar gains and up to 92% damaging UV rays. Where as black side of 4' x 4' In'Flector panel will absorb 2096 BTH, which is equivalent of a 600 watts heater.

During summer season, the silver side is kept facing out. This reflects back 72% of radiant heat out off window and 65% solar gains and keeps up to 92% damaging UV rays out of the windows. This application minimizes air conditioning requirements and fading of furniture thus saving electricity and reducing carbon foot prints.

During winter, the In'Flector Window Insulators are reversed and made as Silver side facing inside and black side facing out. Silver side facing inside reflects 72% heat back inside room thus reducing heat requirement. Black side absorbs solar heat and transfer inside, as the product is patented for one way heat transfer. This adds more heat savings thus further reducing uses of fuel gas and reducing carbon foot prints.

Models & Styles:

The product was developed 25 years back. However, commercial production was commenced in 1998. Company later introduced several different styles. I.e.:

- Roller Blinds

- Vertical Blinds

- Euro Panels

- Fixed Panels

The sale of the product is growing continuously all over North America. PIWI started manufacturing various style of In'Flector Window Insulator in January 2009.

Energy Savings & Reduction of Carbon Footprints:

Polarized In'Flector Window Insulators save heating gas uses by up to 40% thus reducing carbon foot print. During summer, the In'Flector Window Insulators reduces air conditioning requirements thus saving electricity and reducing carbon foot prints.

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