SOURCE: Polaris eBikes; EVantage USA

Polaris eBikes; EVantage USA

Polaris eBikes; EVantage USA

April 01, 2015 08:58 ET

A Polaris® eBike May Qualify as a Medical Therapy Device in Medical Deductions for 2014 Federal Income Tax

SALEM, MA--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2015) - EVantage USA, Inc., exclusive developers of Polaris®-branded electric bicycles, is informing recent buyers that the eBike purchased may qualify as a possible tax deduction for their 2014 federal income tax.

According to Adam Rand, EVantage President, "Some customers have purchased our electric bicycles to help regain mobility and muscle strength after major surgery such as knee and hip replacement. This purchase may qualify as a medical expense if prescribed by a registered physician, and could be included in medical expense calculations."

Charles W. Petz, CPA and Chief Financial Officer of Crosslink, Inc., the accounting industry's leading provider of professional tax software solutions for high-volume retail tax businesses, explained, "the amount of a medical deduction starts at 10% of adjusted gross income. For example, if a person's adjusted gross income is $50,000, the medical expenses deduction floor would start at $5,000. Prescription medicines and prescribed therapy devices, such as an electric bicycle, indoor elevator, or hot tub spa would have to add up to more than the $5,000 allowed."

"We strongly recommend," Mr. Rand added," that both the tax filer and professional preparer thoroughly understand the requirements for the deduction for federal and any state income taxes and comply with all pertinent regulations."

EVantage has engineered its 2015 Polaris eBikes line to offer the best biking experience for all riders searching for the ultimate riding experience -- fun and adventure for the high-powered outdoor enthusiast; reliable, easy-to-use transportation for urban commuters; and readily-available cycling assistance to improve mobility and extend the rider's cycling range and distance traveled to achieve the sought after health benefits of bike riding.

The 2015 line-up features EVantage-developed Polaris®eBikes Technologies: the most advanced features available on the market today.

Proprietary computer-processor based Gear Speed Technology™. Mechanical gears with electronic control bring the familiar feel of sports car shifting for ultimate responsiveness in acceleration, control and excitement.

Backpedal Regeneration™ transfers the rider's physical backpedal action and electronic braking to battery regeneration for enhanced battery life and improved handling performance.

Active Trail Mode™ regenerates the bike's battery during pedaling with automatic incline sensors to deliver power for uphill riding.

Adam Rand, EVantage USA, Inc. President, added, "These technological advances are made possible by our comprehensive Battery Management System, which individually controls and protects each battery cell for optimal performance output and regeneration capabilities." 

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