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August 28, 2015 07:07 ET

PoliWatch Update: Bernie Sanders Vs. Donald Trump? The Dream Debate

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - August 28, 2015) - The stage is no longer set for Trump's victory. On August 7, 2014, the nation watched on in horror and amazement as all 17 Republican hopefuls viciously attacked one another's stances and achievements during the first 2016 Republican debate. However, Donald Trump's inflammatory comments made their way into the heart of Republican politics, and they are threatening to cost the Republicans the election. This could be excellent news for Bernie Sanders.

Imagine a dream debate between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Donald Trump. The room would be crowded with the very real supporters of Sanders and the paid-off actors of Trump. Both candidates would go to head-to-head on the issues of our basic constitutional freedoms, women's health issues-recall those remarks to journalist Megyn Kelly-and credibility as a politician. The debate would focus on why Mexican-Americans are being called "rapists and criminals" and how Trump's attitude will be the downfall of the GOP. Even if Trump fails to secure the Republican nomination, he has already alluded to a third-party, independent run, which would still place him against the increasingly-likely Democratic nominee: Bernie Sanders.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is quickly drawing support across America. He recently spoke at a gathering for "Black Lives Matter" about the negative consequences of a militarized police force in Seattle and has drawn larger crowd to rallies than any other presidential candidate for this election.

In less than a week ago, another unarmed, black teenager was gunned down in Texas, and the trend of excess use of force by police officers appears to show no signs of slowing. Americans are tired on this mantra and demand a change, which Bernie Sanders stands ready to deliver; nonetheless as a former supporter of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s, Sanders is stellar on his views on minority and civil rights.

Americans Socially United has rallied the support of more than 750,000 Twitter followers, 1.5 million Facebook members amongst multiple groups, and over 150,000 followers on Instagram. Americans Socially United is rolling out many events to show America's continued support for the Democratic presidential candidate, as the 'Bernie Sanders for President' house party success coordinated by Josh Sickels in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Before Labor Day, the organization will begin working to emphasize Sander's strengths over Hillary Clinton and preparing for the final fight against Jeb Bush or Donald Trump in the General election.

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Article by: Jason Vasquez

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