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August 28, 2015 07:19 ET

PoliWatch Update: Medicinal Marijuana Taking Wings in Micronesia

AGANA, GUAM--(Marketwired - August 28, 2015) - Citizens of Micronesia and surrounding countries are looking forward to the launch of a medicinal marijuana program this fall season. With the support of governmental organizations in the U.S., Albania, and the Federated States of Micronesia, the Asia-Pacific region will soon be the world's most recent triumph in the fight against human suffering. This comes as no surprise to the proponents of medicinal cannabis, who proclaim the plant's physical and mental health benefits.

Involvement in Medicinal Marijuana Program

Under a Bilateral Diplomacy Charter and Civil Society Treaty, the Eurasia-America Development Program will relieve the suffering of millions on the region and bring significant improvements to partnership countries. As part of a multi-lateral partnership between two member states, Federated States of Micronesia, and Albania stand to gain both economic and social support from taking action to legalize the use of cannabidiol (CBD oil) for severe, often otherwise-untreatable ailments, as cancer, epilepsy, and PTSD.

Medicinal Marijuana Offers Hope and Strength

The key to understanding the actions of the multi-lateral partnership rest within an understanding of the various components of cannabis. THC, the psychoactive compound in weed, has been at the heart of the medical marijuana-legalization battle. THC does cause some psychoactive changes, which lead to the common stereotypes about the plant. THC is commonly found in high-concentrations within the buds of marijuana; however, CBD may be extracted from all parts of the plant.

CBD Versus THC

CBD acts on smooth muscle tissue and nervous tissue outside of the cranium. CBD does not affect one's ability to act. Instead, it provides relief for the symptoms, and in some cases, the causes, of serious ailments. Some plants may be engineered to produce high levels of CBD and minute amounts of THC. Therefore, the psychoactive component of cannabis is insignificant in medicinal marijuana.

Cost-Effective Treatment For Millions

CBD may be used to soothe the pains and difficulties of cancer, Alzheimer's, anxiety disorders -- such as PTSD, social phobic disorder, and panic disorder -- other mental health disorders, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's, irritable bowel disorder, and colitis. Furthermore, compared to the cost of medication-treatment of these conditions, especially when considering the negative side-effects of many modern medications, the cost of using medicinal marijuana makes it extremely cost-effective; nonetheless, the cannabis grown in Albania is known to be the best quality and highest in CBD and is plentiful at a cost that is far less than any competitor in America.

U.S. Senate lobbyist Cary Lee Peterson has been a long-standing supporter of the right to use medical marijuana for the treatment of severe ailments. In Micronesia, associated territories of the U.S. the launch of a medicinal marijuana program is at T - 3 Months and Counting. Relief is in the sight of the hurting at last. Peterson is working with local government, various contractors, and service providers in Micronesia, as Banyan Properties (Guam) to secure housing for the eligible migrant residential prospects for the EADP medical cannabis program, which include the 19 million people that suffer from cancer in the Asia-Pacific region that will increase the residency population of the Micronesian Islands.

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