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Poly Plant Project, Inc.

February 13, 2012 22:08 ET

Poly Plant Project, Inc. Files Lawsuit Against Dan Huber and RMT International, Inc. Claiming Fraud and Breach of Contract

PPP Sues for Actual and Incidental Damages and Seeks Injunction Claiming Dan Huber and RMT International, Inc. Breached Agreement to Sell Company to PPP

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 13, 2012) - Poly Plant Project, Inc. (PPP), worldwide provider of advanced polysilicon production process technology and polysilicon production equipment systems used to produce high-purity polysilicon for the solar industry and semiconductor industry, announced today that it has filed suit against Dan Huber and RMT International, in federal district court in Los Angeles.

The lawsuit alleges that, after reaching agreement for PPP to purchase RMT, and paying RMT a half million dollars in furtherance of that agreement, and introducing Huber and RMT to PPP's clients and prospective clients, Huber and RMT used PPP's money, client contacts and confidential and proprietary information to secretly and illegally compete with PPP. PPP's lawsuit claims that in doing so, RMT breached the parties' agreements, and both Huber and RMT wrongfully interfered with PPP's economic relationships, committed fraud, misappropriated PPP's trade secrets and breached their fiduciary duties to PPP. PPP seeks actual, exemplary and punitive damages from Huber and RMT.

Poly Plant Project, Inc. ("PPP"), a California-based company, filed the case against RMT International, Inc. and Daniel Huber in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Steven Lovett, litigation counsel for PPP, said, "This is a classic example of 'no good deed goes unpunished.' Huber and RMT approached PPP saying that RMT couldn't meet payroll or pay its debts as they came due, and reached agreement for PPP to purchase RMT. As part of the agreement, PPP paid RMT a half million dollar down payment and, with the understanding that Huber and RMT were acting on behalf of PPP, brought Huber and RMT into PPP's valuable relationships with its clients and prospects. In response, Huber and RMT went behind PPP's back to solicit business from PPP's clients for the sole benefit of RMT and then cheated PPP on the deal. PPP takes this matter very seriously and intends to vigorously pursue its rights against Huber and RMT."

As a result of Huber and RMT's breach and subsequent conduct, PPP claims to have suffered damages and will seek to recover actual, exemplary and punitive damages in court. PPP also seeks preliminary and permanent injunctive relief restraining Huber and RMT and its personnel. PPP will show that the actions of Huber and RMT were willful, oppressive, fraudulent and/or malicious as they used PPP confidential information while continuing to do business as RMT after selling the company and all its assets to Poly Plant Project, Inc.

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Poly Plant Project, Inc. is based in Burbank, California, and provides the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries with advanced polycrystalline silicon production solutions. PPP provides advanced, proven process technology, world-class equipment systems including its CVDR-500 high-efficiency CVD Reactor system, consulting, engineering, training, project support and field services required to build and operate and optimize plants producing high-purity electronic grade polysilicon material for the semiconductor and photovoltaic (PV) industries.

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