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March 14, 2011 21:00 ET

Poly Plant Project's World-Class CVD Reactor Fabricator Selected to Produce Fusion Energy Reactors for ITER Project

Walter Tosto SpA to Fabricate Fusion Energy Reactors for World's First Plant

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - Poly Plant Project, Inc. (PPP), worldwide provider of advanced polysilicon production process technology and polysilicon production equipment systems used to produce high-purity polysilicon for the solar industry and semiconductor industry, today congratulated their world-class pressure vessel fabricator, Walter Tosto SpA, for being selected to produce seven sections of the reactors for the ITER fusion energy plant being built in the south of France. 

ITER (Latin for "the way") is a large-scale scientific experiment intended to prove the viability of fusion as an energy source, and to collect the data necessary for the design and subsequent operation of the first electricity-producing fusion power plant. Launched as an idea for international collaboration in 1985, the ITER Agreement includes China, the European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States, representing over half of the world's population.

After a two year bidding process, Walter Tosto was awarded the contract by Fusion for Energy (F4E) to produce, along with two other Italian companies, the vacuum vessel, which is a reactor component with high technological content. Luca Tosto, Managing Director of Walter Tosto SpA, said, "During the fabrication process, the expert craftsmen and welders at Walter Tosto SpA will utilize many of the fabrication technologies and controls procedure utilized in the fabrication of polysilicon reactor we produce for Poly Plant Project, Inc. The fabrication of these vacuum vessels will be done in a special facility dedicated to this project ensuring this work will not compromise the quality and production capacity we have set aside for PPP's CVD reactors which are used by the high-purity polysilicon industry."

Luca Tosto continued, "Walter Tosto SpA has been in business fifty years and this is probably the highest profile and most advanced product our company has been involved in. Producing complex pressure vessels is not new for Walter Tosto but being selected by Europe's Fusion for Energy (the European Union's joint undertaking for ITER) is a great opportunity and we appreciate F4E's confidence in our company's ability to produce complicated state-of-the-art pressure vessels for ITER's fusion energy project."

Jan Maurits, President of Poly Plant Project, Inc., said, "The F4E contract confirms and acknowledges what PPP already knows: Walter Tosto SpA is a world-class fabricator of special equipment for energy production from conventional sources as well as nuclear and solar. Years ago PPP selected Walter Tosto SpA to fabricate polysilicon deposition reactors, fluidized bed reactors and other pressure vessels based on Tosto's world-class pressure vessel fabrication and quality control." 

Terry Kunimune, Chairman & CEO of Poly Plant Project, Inc., said, "Luca Tosto and his company have been PPP's valuable partner and from the beginning they have provided PPP with a separate production building at Walter Tosto's plant site in Chieti Scalo (CH), Italy. Luca Tosto has further demonstrated his company's commitment to PPP by having both the F4E project and PPP's equipment work fully and separately staffed ensuring they will meet their quality and delivery commitments. We are sure that Walter Tosto SpA will continue to support its strong, exclusive relationship with PPP, thereby enabling Poly Plant Project, Inc. to deliver the most advanced, high-quality reactors for the polysilicon and solar industry."

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Poly Plant Project, Inc. is based in Burbank, California, and provides the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries with advanced polysilicon production solutions. From modular process technology and equipment packages to complete plants, PPP's customized solutions integrate proven polysilicon production process technology and polysilicon production equipment, engineering, project support and field services required to design, build and operate world-class, high-purity polysilicon production plants.

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About Walter Tosto S.p.A.
Founded in 1960 by Walter Tosto, the company is known for manufacturing pressure vessels for the oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation markets. Walter Tosto SpA has > 400 employees, 7 workshops and an annual turnover of EUR 100 million. Walter Tosto SpA is headquartered in Chieti Scalo (CH), Italy. 

About ITER and Fusion for Energy
ITER is a large-scale scientific experiment intended to prove the viability of fusion as an energy source. 
Fusion for Energy is the European Union's Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy.

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