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January 12, 2016 20:41 ET

Polyvore Statistics Show Rise of New Social Curated Shopping Behemoth, Explains TrueShip's Newest Guide

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - January 12, 2016) - TrueShip ( -- the leading provider of ecommerce shipping software (ReadyShipper) and automated returns management solutions (ReadyReturns) -- has just released their newest guide. It delivers a detailed breakdown on how the rising social commerce and apparel curator site, Polyvore, is beginning to edge its way into the marketplace.

While Facebook still leads the pack in terms of overall referral power (60%), marketers are taking notice of emerging social commerce trends when smaller players like Polyvore begin to edge their way into the marketplace at 20%, but with a much more substantial referral value. Meanwhile, players like Twitter have long been in the game, but only garner a meager 5% by comparison.

So what's Polyvore's secret?

Socially powered and curated shopping is the newest trend. With a rapid growing user base that's vivaciously loyal (estimated at 20 million users), and with no set demographic (half of the users are not U.S. based), Polyvore is set to give nearly every social network a run for its money. The only difference is gender spending, with Polyvore having an 82% female user rate. Then again, statistics still show that women are outspending men, just at a closer rate than it was in the early days of ecommerce.

With the ability to allow brands to directly speak to customers, and for those customers to create outfits by merging multiple brands -- called "Sets" -- on Polyvore, it's collage fashion goodness mixed with your favorite dress-up game; it's effectively a menagerie of the most celebrated boutique brands all merge in a confluence of fashion goodness. Then add the social factor -- shares, likes, comments, reviews, and a never-ending stream of virtual content that has served to propel this marketplace from an idea to a serious online contender.

To help you better understand, TrueShip's newest guide delivers a veritable list of Polyvore statistics and helps explain why there's so much hoopla about curated shopping. It covers these metrics, the average order value, social platform referral comparison, conversion value, estimated worth and why your brand should be using it (Polyvore), complete with an illustrated infographic to really drive home all the key points. 

"Polyvore is going to accomplish what many retailers wish they could online: curate the shopping experience by making it community and brand powered and socially driven," said Michael Lazar, Director of Online Marketing at TrueShip. "Our newest guide helps newcomers to Polyvore better understand how it works, while highlighting key statistics and metrics, as well as offering future projections for the emergence of social commerce."

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