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April 09, 2012 09:20 ET

Pontiflex Releases the Industry's First Ever HTML 5 API for Signup Ads

MoPub and TuneWiki Among Publishers and Networks Using New HTML 5 API to Monetize Mobile Web and Native Apps

BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 9, 2012) - Pontiflex, the industry's leading mobile signup ad platform, today announced the release of the first ever HTML 5 API for signup ads. This new API allows mobile ad networks and developers running web and native mobile apps to run signup ads in a simple way without having to install a SDK. Through the Pontiflex AppLeads HTML 5 API integration, advertisers will be able to run ads on apps like Ngmoco,, MyFitnessPal and many others.

The HTML 5 API release greatly expands the adoption of signup ads in the mobile ecosystem. With today's announcement, mobile ad networks can now easily plug into Pontiflex AppLeads and offer their publisher partners signup ads in addition to other existing offerings. In addition, developers and networks will be able to monetize mobile web apps with signup ads -- prior versions of the Pontiflex AppLeads API exclusively supported native apps.

Serving signup ads enables developers and networks to increase advertising CPMs, thereby addressing a pressing pain point in the mobile industry. According to a report released by SMAATO in 2011, average mobile CPMs are in the 50 cents to $2.00 range. With mobile signup ads, users can opt-in to ads without leaving an app. Consequently, more people interact with the ads, and the developers make higher CPMs. To date, Android and iOS developers are reporting CPMs in the $10-$25 range from signup ads.

Through the Pontiflex AppLeads API, mobile ad networks and developers will be able to serve ads from leading Fortune 500 brands and small businesses. Advertisers using the Pontiflex signup ads platform include brands such as Hasbro, Disney, The Hunger Project, Kimberly-Clark, as well as small businesses like Paper Hat Press and Dunhill Vacations. By serving signup ads, developers can move beyond advertising that largely promotes installations of other apps. They can serve exclusive deals from top brands and increase the diversity of their advertiser offerings.

"Partnering with Pontiflex allows us to offer our publishing partners signup ads in a simple and effective way," said Jim Payne, CEO, MoPub. "We look forward to working with Pontiflex to help our developers make more money."

The HTML 5 API gives developers a choice of running three kinds of signup advertisements:

1. Single offer ad unit: One brand is showcased via an ad that takes up the entire screen.
2. 300X250 ad unit: A standard IAB size ad unit with two advertisements.
3. 300 X 50 ad unit: Signup ad unit that allows the app developer to monetize the entire user experience.
4. Multi-offer ad unit: Standard signup ad format with three advertisements (six for tablets).

As with prior releases, Pontiflex AppLeads' Smart Sense technology will automatically detect if the device is a smartphone or a tablet and optimize the advertising experience accordingly. The platform will also sense if the phone or tablet is an iOS, Android or BlackBerry device and format the ads automatically.

"HTML 5 was the logical next step for the evolution of Pontiflex AppLeads," says Zephrin Lasker, CEO and Co-Founder, Pontiflex. "We are happy to offer both web and native app developers the ability to make real money on the iOS and Android platforms and keep their apps free for millions of users around the world."

About Pontiflex:

Pontiflex powers a new kind of mobile advertising platform: signup ads.

With signup ads, people can opt in to hear from the brands they like without leaving a mobile app or website where they are engaged. Advertisers pay only for valid signups -- never for wasted clicks or impressions.

Whether it's moms who join Kimberly-Clark's HUGGIES loyalty program, pet lovers who want to help animals with the ASPCA or people who want personalized books from small businesses like Paper Hat Press, millions of people use signup ads every day to connect with their favorite brands and organizations.

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