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June 06, 2013 13:01 ET

PoorMan Comics to Self-Publish Red Squirrel: 1st Issue 46 Page Including Cover Full Color

You Will Miss Out If You Don't Get This Book!

NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 6, 2013) - RED SQUIRREL is in a stalemate battle with DeathKong. After being pummeled into the ground, Reds little buddy Nirod tries to encourage the big guy to keep fighting. Disappointed with his first bout with DeathKong, RED SQUIRREL decides to think of another way to fight him. He takes a unique journey to a place of origin and becomes trapped.

RED SQUIRREL'S 1st Issue features the first appearance of Terrimacel Zalzari, an alien from a distant universe who was preserving the life essence of DeathKong until disaster struck. DeathKong and the evil Dr. Panyachtic (a.k.a.) Dr.Panic are sure to be fan favorites as new evil villains, proclaims Poorman Comics President Gordon Shipperbottom. Steven Michaels, a family service agent runs into an unpleasant situation. Team reporter's Sabachian and Brooke (also first appearing in the book), are looking to stick their nose in where it doesn't belong.

Anyone who loves superhero comics will love RED SQUIRREL. Drawn, inked, and colored by hand from creator Gordon Shipperbottom. Each page is bursting full of color and powerful images with striking detail that everyone will appreciate.

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RED SQUIRREL 2nd issue coming soon! The 2nd issue of the RED SQUIRREL (CENTURION COMITH) is a continuation of the story as it unfolds. Sabachian and Brooke position themselves front and centre to confront Dr. Panyactic. While Phil Richter, director of operations addresses a panel of V.I.P'S. Marshal Warden a gorgeous blonde detective is introduced to her new partner. Dr. Panyachtic reveals a certain weakness. Last but not least, Steven Michael's situation heats up when a new but deadly player enters the chaos.

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We will also be selling the books at your local comic book store: Pulp Comics - Mostly Comics and Neutral Zone in the Niagara Region.


It was started by Gordon Shipperbottom in 2004 as a website and home base. Gordon is a self taught artist and creator. This will be Gordon's first self published book for this year of 2013.

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