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April 10, 2006 08:30 ET

Portable Security Devices From MXI Security Offer Innovative Direction for USB Mass Storage Market

New MXP Product Family Combines the Industry's Most Powerful, Secure Storage With Identity Management and Encryption/Authentication Services

MONTREAL, and SANTA ANA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 10, 2006 -- MXI Security™, a provider of portable security devices, today announced a new direction in the USB mass storage industry with the launch of the MXP product family. The new devices combine the power of secure storage with digital identity, cryptography, and strong authentication services and are specifically designed to address current security challenges faced by large enterprises and government organizations. MXI Security's portable security devices enable organizations to use multiple security applications using a single device with reduced complexity and more portability than other solutions.

Large enterprises and governments demand USB mass storage devices that can easily address the stringent security and privacy requirements of regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and GLB, as well as protect organizations against intentional or accidental information leakage and breaches of security due to weak authentication and control of digital identities. Only MXP portable security devices address these specific security issues for organizations while simplifying identity management to meet strong authentication, single sign on, PKI, and remote access needs.

"MXI Security is offering a new direction in the security market. It is based on the integration of our many years of expertise in the storage industry and best practices from the security industry," said Lawrence Reusing, CEO, MXI Security. "Our portable security devices offer a radical departure from existing token, smart card or secure storage devices by enabling organizations to bring all that functionality together in a convenient format. Customers' response to the MXP product family and this new direction has been extremely positive."

The MXP product family includes:

--  Outbacker MXP™: USB Portable hard drive, digital identities, up to
    60 GBs of information, three factor authentication (biometric, password,
    ownership of device)
--  Stealth MXP™:  USB Flash drive, digital identities, houses up to 2
    GBs of information, three factor authentication
--  Stealth MXP™ Bio Token: USB flash drive form factor with digital
    identities, three factor authentication
--  Stealth MXP™ Token: USB flash drive form factor with digital
    identities, two factor authentication
MXP Features and Benefits

The MXP product family offers the following features and benefits:

--  Highest Levels of Security:  Hardware-based authentication mechanisms
    include biometrics and passwords, offering up to three-factor, strong user
    authentication.  All authentication and security services are executed on-
--  Simplicity:  MXP technology greatly reduces the complexity of
    deploying and using security devices within many security applications
    including PKI, Single Sign On, and remote access.
--  Versatile: The processing and storage capacities of MXI devices enable
    a full spectrum of security functions, and the ability to support many
    applications in a single device.  Security functions include secure
    storage, strong authentication, generic cryptographic services, digital
    identities and PKI functions.
--  Highly Portable: MXI Security's unique communications protocol
    provides users with the ability to roam to any desktop, laptop or terminal
    anywhere in the world, without needing to install software or drivers.
--  Ease of Deployment: MXP is enterprise-ready and includes built-in
    mechanisms that enable corporate control and centralized management.
--  Interoperability: MXP is designed for rapid integration and deployment
    into existing infrastructures and is fully interoperable with emerging
    security standards - PKCS #11, MS-CAPI and WS-Trust.
Pricing and Availability

All MXP products are available immediately through MXI Security. MSRP are as follows:

--  Stealth MXP $259.99 USD
--  Outbacker MXP $499.99 USD
--  Stealth MXP Bio Token $189.99 USD
--  Stealth MXP Token $149.99 USD
Technical Specifications

For technical specifications on the MXP product family:

--  Outbacker MXP:
--  Stealth MXP:
About MXI Security

MXI Security, a division of Memory Experts International, a leader in building memory-based products for Fortune 500 companies for more than a decade, provides portable security devices for professionals for whom security and privacy is critical. Designed to meet the security and privacy needs of the world's largest private and public sector organizations, MXI Security's portable security devices combine the power of secure storage with identity, encryption, and authentication services. MXI Security's portable security devices enable organizations to satisfy multiple security needs with a single device, all with reduced complexity and more portability than previously possible. For more information please visit

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