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April 20, 2017 19:03 ET

Portable Soccer Goals Company Publishes Shooting Tactics

Portable soccer goals company says success comes from good, consistent repetition

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - April 20, 2017) - As a company that manufactures aluminum portable soccer goals, Farpost Goals publishes a variety of tips and tactics to help players (and coaches) improve how the game is played. One of their latest is a piece of simple but sensible advice-always follow the shot. For more, go to:

When a shot is taken on goal, and the ball bounces off the goalkeeper or post, players should try to positions themselves to receive the ball and tap it into the net. However, the lack of response once a shot is taken is a common phenomenon, even at the highest levels of the game.

When this happens, the coach and a chorus of onlookers can often be heard chanting, "follow the shot…follow the shot!" It's a bewildering and frustrating spectacle, because this is a prime example of a missed opportunity.

Like many other games, good habits are the foundation of a skilled player. Practicing the basics at an early age goes a long way to building the right skills. However, U-6 and U-8 games have no goalkeepers, which means no player rebounds-and consequently no follow through practice. Even when goalkeepers are introduced in U-9 and U-12, there's usually not enough rebound opportunities for players to really practice and polish skills.

In the article, "Brain Study and Learning Technique," Paul Recer tells us that it takes about six hours for the brain to master a new physical skill. He concludes that it's better if a new skill is followed by five to six hours of routine activity that requires no new learning-but there's simply no opportunity for this in many youth leagues.

It's common sense that a scenario that occurs in real life games should be met with practice and preparation. One of the best ways to train players of all ages is to have them practice in conditions that are as realistic as possible-and that's where Farpost Goals come into play. Constructed from aluminum, the rigid frames are great for delivering rebounds, which means young players have a chance to polish an important skill. By choosing Farpost Goals, players get the skills that last-from the goals that last!

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