PortaLife Solutions Inc.

PortaLife Solutions Inc.

May 24, 2011 10:30 ET

PortaLife Solutions Inc.: Leading Canadian iPhone Application-CarrotLines-Partners With Local Healthy Brands

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2011) - CarrotLines, Canada's leading iPhone application that helps Canadians make healthier choices is partnering with local food brands in the natural, health and organic segments.

CarrotLines recently attended Grocery Showcase West and Canadian Health Food Association Expos and received overwhelming interest.

In conjunction with its one year anniversary, CarrotLines invited select local health and specialty brands – including Bremner Foods, Maggie's Gluten Free, and Hansells Foods Canada - to join its platform.

Joining CarrotLines lets the brands' products to be scanned by the CarrotLines App – giving customers the ultimate tool to get informed about their products.

While already more than half of consumers check food labels before buying a food product for the first time, reading food labels can be downright deceptive.

CarrotLines isn't about judging brands and products. Its goal is to help shoppers make educated decisions on food products that suit their lifestyle.

Simon Harvie, Sales and Marketing Manager at PortaLife Solutions says: "Consumers want instant information about the products and brands they purchase."

Shoppers have been scanning products using the CarrotLines App for nearly one year, and the platform contains information on over 20,000 Canadian Food Products and 2000 brands.

Jeff Zsoltaros, brand manager for Maggie's Gluten Free, a local manufacturer of Gluten Free products, says, "We are very excited to be part of CarrotLines – Our customers can now access product information directly from their iPhone – This is fantastic…we love it!"

For more information visit http://carrotlines.com.

About PortaLife Solutions Inc.

PortaLife Solutions is a Vancouver based company that develops healthy mobile solutions. Originally developed on a reality TV Show, "Stars Of Science", the CarrotLines App helps consumers make healthier choices by simply scanning the barcode on food items. Since its launch June 1st 2010, CarrotLines has garnered prominent local and international media attention including on CNN, CBC, the Vancouver Sun, The Epoch Times, and many others.


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