SOURCE: Portellus Inc.

March 15, 2007 08:14 ET

Portellus Announces Introduction of PIXMO for Integrations

Next-Generation Integration Services Hub Enables Rapid, Cost Effective Integrations Between Internal Systems, Customer Applications and External Service Providers

IRVINE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 15, 2007 -- Portellus Inc., a leading provider of business user-driven change management solutions, today announced the official launch of PIXMO, a standalone integration services hub that streamlines system-to-system integrations. PIXMO standardizes and reuses integration code to deliver rapid, low-cost integrations between systems for greater IT flexibility and responsiveness.

Traditionally, individual application programming interfaces (APIs) are developed for each service and/or system to connect to, making integrations a laborious and time consuming undertaking. These numerous custom integrations are expensive to maintain and due to the nature of their interwoven, brittle connectivity points they frequently break and subsequently cause disruptions in service or communications. According to research conducted by Gartner, it is estimated that more than a third of IT activity in a typical enterprise is dedicated to application integration for development, maintenance and operational costs.

PIXMO eliminates this burden by standardizing and reusing various components to achieve rapid, cost effective connectivity between legacy systems and third party providers, thus dramatically reducing development costs and timeframes. PIXMO utilizes a service-oriented approach to architecture design to enable IT departments to more easily manage diverse internal and external system environments. As a result, adding new service providers and connecting disparate applications can be done in as little as hours, not weeks or months.

PIXMO also offers enterprise-grade implementations for advanced Web services and key standards such as MISMO, ACORD, Web Services and XML, which are necessary for SOA deployments in both .NET and Java environments.

"Reoccurring integration challenges often plague organizations that are forced to manage numerous integration points between disparate systems and third party service providers," said Michael Goldsby, chief technology officer at Portellus. "We specifically architected PIXMO as a piece of middleware to alleviate IT's resource burden, reduce integration eminence and development costs, and eliminate integration breaks."

Portellus says that PIXMO's value proposition is so compelling that each of its existing clients has already opted to utilize the product to manage their integrations.

Notable PIXMO functionality and capability includes:

--  Integrates and supports:  third party services, legacy systems,
    service engines, .NET and Java environments and Portellus' Mortgage
    Solutions Framework (MSF)
--  Provides out-of-the-box integrations for AVM, compliance, credit,
    title, flood, insurance, docs, fraud, imaging, security, warehouse and more
--  Eliminates costly and time consuming point-to-point individual API
    integration development
--  Pre-built integrations exist for the following standards: SOAP,
    HTTP(s), Web Services, XSLT, XML, SMTP, FTP
--  Enables intelligent, rules-based "switching" between third party
    service providers
--  Offers dynamic new modeling, configuration, testing and deployment of
--  Serves as an effective mediator between internal and external systems
--  Streamlines integrations between inside and outside applications and
--  Allows for process and policy mapping to the appropriate outside

Portellus will be offering demonstrations of its solutions at the MBA's National Technology Conference & Exposition at the Convention Center in Tampa, FL, March 25th - 28th, booth 435 and meeting room 36, 4th floor.

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