Capital International Asset Management (Canada), Inc.

Capital International Asset Management (Canada), Inc.

October 01, 2009 10:00 ET

Portfolio Manager Changes: Capital International-Growth and Income and Capital International-International Equity

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 1, 2009) - Capital International Asset Management (Canada), Inc. announced today changes to two of its multiple-manager portfolios:

Capital International - Growth and Income

Joining this fund is Alan Wilson, a portfolio manager with 24 years of experience. Mr. Wilson, who has been with the Capital organization since 1991, is a director of The Capital Group Companies, Inc. and of Capital Guardian Trust Company, this fund's subadvisor. Mr. Wilson joins Lionel Sauvage, who has 21 years of experience and has been one of the fund's managers since its inception. In addition, a group of three research analysts, averaging 27 years of experience, also manage a portion of this portfolio's assets.

Mr. Wilson replaces Roger Mortimer, who has resigned from the Capital organization.

Capital International - International Equity

Joining this fund is Michael Cohen, a portfolio manager with 18 years of experience. Mr. Cohen joins four other portfolio managers, whose average experience is 31 years, along with a group of 47 investment analysts, who collectively manage a portion of this fund's assets. These analysts have an average of 17 years of experience.

Mr. Cohen replaces Roger Mortimer, as well as Richard Havas, who will be moving to another investment affiliate within the Capital organization.

Capital International portfolios are managed using the Multiple Portfolio Counselor System, a process designed to provide diversification, continuity and consistency. Multiple managers independently invest a portion of portfolio assets, consistent with the portfolio's goals and objectives, and research analysts typically manage as much as 25% of a fund's assets. The Capital organization has found that giving analysts investment responsibilities provides an incentive for them to remain in their role for years, sometimes decades. This allows them to develop a deep understanding of the companies and industries they follow.

Capital International is part of the privately held Capital Group Companies, Inc., which traces its roots to 1931 and now operates in more than 20 offices worldwide. Respected for its highly tenured investment professionals and extensive global research efforts, the organization serves millions of individual investors, as well as thousands of leading corporations and institutions worldwide.

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