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February 06, 2012 11:57 ET

Portfolio of Art Work

                                               Storyboard Assets Plc
                                          ("Storyboard" or the "Company")
                                               Portfolio of Art Work
Following  shareholder  approval  at the recent General Meeting to dispose of  the  Company's  portfolio  of  book
illustrations and in response to shareholders enquiries, Storyboard Assets Plc today publishes details of its  art
assets in full:

Time for Bed, pencil, Ink & Watercolour by Mabel Lucie Attwell
'I Know', Said Philippa Quietly, Pencil, Ink & Watercolour by Mabel Lucie Attwell
Stopping for the Little Folk, Pencil, Ink & Watercolour by Mabel Lucie Attwell

Still No Bird Pie for Mr Twit, Quentin Blake (Preparatory drawing)
The Twits Get the Shrinks, Quentin Blake (Preparatory drawing)
Sixes & Sevens, Quentin Blake
Emily's Insect, Quentin Blake

The Man of the Island, Ink & Watercolour by Edmund Dulac

There he Saw the last of the Gairfolw, Warwick Goble

2 Watercolour & Gouache works (Goodnight Sam), Anita Jeram

Babe, Complete Set of Illustrations (Pencil & Watercolour front image, 34 pencil drawings), Maggie Kneen

Rabbit from Watership Down, John Lawrence
Rabbits in a wood from Watership Down, John Lawrence

2 pencil, watercolour & gouache drawings (Elmer & The Stranger), David McKee
2 pencil, watercolour & gouache drawings (Elmer's Friends), David McKee

4 Illustrations, ink & pastel, Peace at Last, Jill Murphy

Three Little Pigs (Complete set of 3 works), Pencil, ink & watercolour, Beatrix Potter
Three Rabbits Eating Plenty of Buns, Ink, Watercolour, Beatrix Potter
The Apple Gatherers, Poking Apples with a Stick, Beatrix Potter
The Apple Gatherers, Pushing a Laden Wheelbarrow, Beatrix Potter
Lady Mouse with Teacup (Tailor of Gloucester redrawing), Beatrix Potter
Yus, Yus, Sighed Aunt Petitoes (Pigling Bland), Beatrix Potter
The Fierce Bad Rabbit (3 Preliminary Illustrations), Beatrix Potter

The Cheshire Cat, Arthur Rackham
Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Arthur Rackham

Captain Pugwash (Fancy Dress Party), Ink & Wash, John Ryan

2 illustrations, Operation Wild Goose, EH Shepard
3 illustrations, The Morning Walk (Now We Are Six), EH Shepard
'You Are the Very Image of Her' (Wind in the Willows), EH Shepard
'Look here! I find I've left my purse behind' (Wind in the Willows), EH Shepard

One of his Hobbies was collecting pebbles (Sylvester & the Magic Pebble), William Steig

Stuart Little Aboard a Boat, Garth Williams
4 Preliminary Drawings, Stuart Little, Garth Williams
6 Preliminary (featuring unpublished images) Illustrations, Charlottes Webb, Garth Williams
2 Preliminary Drawings, The Rabbits' Wedding, Garth Williams

Golly & Noddy with Noddy's Car, Harmsen, Van der Beek

Bod, Joanne Cole

Cover Design for Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets, Cliff Wright
Preliminary Drawing for Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban, Cliff Wright

Additionally, the company owns a set of 4 signed prints from 'The Wild Things', Maurice Sendak

The Directors of Storyboard are responsible for the contents of this announcement.

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