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December 02, 2014 08:17 ET

Porticor Helps Organizations Meet PCI DSS Compliance and Secure Credit Card Information Stored in the Cloud

Porticor's Cloud Key Management and Data Encryption Solution Protects Cloud-Based Cardholder and Financial Information From Holiday Hackers and Threats at Organizations Such as Payze

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 2, 2014) - Porticor®, a leading cloud data security company delivering the only cloud-based key management and data encryption solution that infuses trust into the cloud and keeps cloud data confidential, today announced growing customer traction due to its innovative solution enabling organizations to secure cloud-based credit card and financial information, helping them meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. Customer privacy is of particular concern for financial organizations during the holiday season due to the increase in threats and hacker activity.

The Porticor Virtual Private Data (VPD) platform is a cloud key management and encryption solution that delivers the industry's most secure cloud encryption key management by enabling organizations to securely maintain control of their own encryption keys. Unlike traditional data encryption solutions, which are complicated and expensive to deploy and manage, Porticor's split-key encryption and homomorphic key management system is offered as the industry's first cloud data protection service of its kind, delivering true confidentiality of credit card and financial data in cloud, virtual and hybrid environments by ensuring encryption keys are never exposed.

"At Payze we've setup a credit card processing system within AWS, and as part of our PCI requirements we needed a separate key management system in order to comply with PCI policies," said Joel Paulin, Founder and Chairman of Payze. "We've integrated Porticor into our encryption key setup to provide seamless additional encryption on top of our existing encryption infrastructure. This additional level of encryption, with keys isolated from our normal system, and using Porticor's permissions and controls enables us to have a more secure key management posture going for PCI compliance. What differentiates Porticor is the product: It is polished, easy to configure, easy to integrate, more reliable, and has greater security than the other options we had seen."

The main focus of PCI DSS is protecting cardholder data in systems and applications, including data in storage, transmission, and in use. These requirements are more critical when data is stored and processed in the cloud, an activity escalated during holiday shopping. Porticor VPD is a complete solution that combines patented key management with state-of-the-art encryption to enable organizations to effectively comply with PCI DSS in the cloud. Porticor encrypts the entire data layer, including virtual disks, databases, files, and object storage. It also addresses the processes necessary for managing encryption environments and encryption keys, and provides the security needed for compliance in a convenient, cost-effective, fully cloud-based solution.

"We were impressed with the ease of setting up the Porticor appliance," added Paulin. "Compared to the other options we considered, we were more confident in the security of Porticor's solution, and we appreciate the turnkey nature of it. Also, because the Porticor systems provide automation of key management, we didn't need to worry about a server crashing and losing our keys since the automated system would correctly provision our instances, which was a risk for other systems. Finally, the use of a master key on the appliance kept by us helped give us assurance that Porticor did not know our keys and we had the benefit of dual control, which helped us meet our dual control needs for PCI compliance."

The PCI Council defined 12 high-level security requirements. Six of the requirements define the need for both encryption and key management in the cloud to protect credit card information from both inside and outside threats, and are addressed by Porticor. Porticor gives organizations the ability to meet these requirements by requiring two keys to encrypt or decrypt an object. In addition, each key is encrypted -- to protect it while it is resident in a cloud account -- using patent-pending homomorphic key management technology. In addition, Porticor helps address some of the general PCI DSS requirements beyond encryption and key management. For more information on how Porticor addressed PCI DSS compliance, see:

"Financial organizations are under threat at all times, but especially during this time of year with the increased consumer buying activity," said Ariel Dan, Porticor Co-Founder and Executive VP. "Porticor's VPD is uniquely built to address PCI DSS compliance requirements, and the PCI DSS requirements validate the need for Porticor's unique approach of combining patented split-key encryption and homomorphic key management with encryption technologies. Key management is an ongoing challenge for organizations, and Porticor's homomorphic key management solves this problem and enables companies to achieve compliance. With Porticor, organizations are assured that credit card information and confidential data are kept safe from outside and internal threats."

Integrating with major players such as HP, AWS and VMware, Porticor provides the industry's only software-defined, automated solution that uniquely eliminates the need for cumbersome, non-scalable, and expensive hardware security modules for the cloud. Uniquely combining data encryption with patented split-key encryption and homomorphic key management technologies, Porticor protects critical data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. It provides the strong security needed for compliance in a convenient, cost-effective, fully cloud-based solution.

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Porticor is the leading cloud security company delivering easy-to-use and scalable security solutions for cloud data encryption and key management. The Porticor Virtual Private Data™ (VPD) system is the industry's first solution combining data encryption with patented split-key encryption and homomorphic key management to protect critical data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Using breakthrough split-key encryption and homomorphic key management, the Porticor VPD is the only system available that offers the ease-of-use of cloud-based key management without sacrificing trust. Porticor is an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner, a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, an HP technology partner, and supports other clouds. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in Silicon Valley, and is venture backed. For more information, visit:

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