December 01, 2010 14:48 ET

POSHGLAM and 0Three Media Form Strategic Partnership to Further Expand Their Businesses Internationally and Broaden Their Web Properties

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2010) - and 0Three Media announced today a multi-platform strategic partnership designed to mutually benefit both companies by better serving their users, clients, editorial and advertising communities in the U.S. and abroad. The agreement consists of four major components in the areas of search engine optimization, online editorials, co-branded events, and product placement deals.

"Our clients will benefit from the combination of 0Three Media and POSHGLAM's leading technology and services, providing them with one of the best online publicity experiences," said Thom Vest, President and Chief Executive Officer, 0Three Media. "0Three Media holds a leadership position in all forms of new media and publicity. This partnership with POSHGLAM provides us with a great opportunity to further extend our clients web footprint and SEO reach."

"POSHGLAM has partnered with 0Three Media to complement our brand's shared core ideals and to overlap the momentum of our brand. After discovering our shared market, we decided to leverage each of our skills to provide our clients/advertisers with the most well-rounded service possible," says Kimberly Stone, Founder and President of POSHGLAM. "The luxury sector is evolving and embracing a more digi-centric approach to branding, and the joining of our overlapping networks will further assist POSHGLAM in the promotion of Luxury Emergent Brands. We are excited by the new strategic alliance and look forward to growing together in this collaborative partnership."

0Three Media and POSHGLAM are about to roll out the initiatives best suited to maximize the prospects of the partnership. While the partnership is in beta phase over the next few months we'll be testing out our new initiatives on schedule for full implementation in 2011.

About 0Three Media.
0Three Media is a full service Creative agency offering an array of online optimization options to suit your needs. From out-of-the-box online promotional campaigns to social media management, celebrity outreach, contests, giveaways, online editorial features and much more; 0Three Media's experienced team is equipped to handle any campaign that has the power of a grass roots street team but with the ease of sending an email. Created by like-minded individuals, 0Three offers unyielding passion and creative vision to illuminate the path to success for your company, products, or services. Their goal is to provide dedicated service with a strategic approach to capture your target audience and deliver quantifiable results.

0Three Media works closely with each client to develop targeted, comprehensive and highly effective marketing campaigns. Their strong relationships with key editors in online, and television media outlets allow 0Three the ability to coordinate and secure relevant hits that will drive traffic to your website while also reinforcing the current campaigns they are working on while also offering a full menu for all your creative endeavors to cater to your specific campaign needs. 

0Three Media has a range of Online media contacts include Regional, National, Daily news sources, Fashion & Lifestyle, Trade and Business publications, as well as a broad range of blogs, streaming news sites, etc. We provide our clients with comprehensive plans that highlight target markets, pitch angles, and so on so that each step of the projects we work on are highlighted, and we can track the progress and results of your specific campaign to assure you receive the most effective service possible. Since its inception, 0Three Media has been behind some of the most aggressive, agile, and effective campaigns in the industry, and we look forward to providing you with the same service and solutions that have earned our reputation and contacts that we are able to pass on to on to our clients. Already being named one of the hottest up-and-coming creative agencies in the industry, 0Three has been covered by the following media outlets: US WEEKLY, ENTREPRENEUR, and 944magazine.

OThree Media and POSHGLAM have hired on branding and lifestyle expert, Jae Joseph of Freide+Co., to lead the creative direction and branding of the partnership. Freide+Co, luxury branded entertainment, is a branding and development agency that works exclusively with fine artists, musicians, and film-makers, offering new media paths and solutions to mainstream markets.

POSHGLAM caters primarily to emerging luxury brands and new, talented designers.

POSHGLAM continues to set the standard for what's new and emerging in the world of Fashion Marketing and Social Media. Aside from offering exciting and pertinent news on the next generation of fashion designers and brands, POSHGLAM also features events, trends, fashion happenings around the world and local coverage pertaining to different fashion markets -- making it a great place to browse, shop, and discover new brands.

POSHGLAM's diverse group of writers -- with loads of personality and varying tastes -- give POSHGLAM a witty tone that equally matches the attitude that accompanies a true style maven, and helps their reader gain a greater knowledge of luxury emerging brands from a fashion gossip's perspective.

The catchy name is what draws most readers in, and they stay due to the engaging tone and overabundance of original content on fashion and industry specific information.

POSHGLAM covers well-known brands but its roots are purposefully placed in the emerging market, with the belief that raw talent is at the center of every trend. The POSHGLAM team has a strong belief in honing the skill set of newer designers and helping them to establish themselves by displaying their exciting, truly original work to the public on the newly launched blog. Whether the feature is an established handbag line, or a newly sewn collection of fabulous garments, POSHGLAM helps promote artistic expression through fashion and the arts and makes the hard-to-find well known.

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