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Nuvilex, Inc.

March 26, 2013 08:30 ET

Potential Future Sales of Nuvilex, Inc. Cancer Treatments Make Investment in Cell-in-a-Box Worth It

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Mar 26, 2013) - Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) is a small biotechnology company out of Silver Spring, Maryland, but its future might be anything but small. As the company diligently prepares for its Phase III pancreatic cancer trials, the almost $30-million the company has invested in its unique and proprietary living cell encapsulation or "Cell-in-a-Box" technology could be money well spent given the return in annual sales that cancer drugs bring in the marketplace.

Nuvilex has about $25-million invested in two independent Phase II clinical trials in patients with advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer using the combination of the widely used anti-cancer drug, ifosfamide, together with encapsulated cells capable of converting the ifosfamide into its "cancer-killing" form and in preclinical studies of other applications for the technology. In addition, the company has put almost another $2-million into furthering the development of the "Cell-in-a-Box" technology itself.

This is a pretty hefty price tag for such a small biotech, but with the results the company has seen to date in its two clinical trials, the future looks very bright. In those trials, the results show that Nuvilex's treatment outperforms the current standard, Eli Lilly's Gemzar.

Why is this significant to Nuvilex? It's all about the math and right now Gemzar -- the standard single drug for pancreatic cancer patients -- equals about $1.4-billion annually to Eli Lilly. That's billion with a B. Cancer drugs are big business, and those drugs are even bigger business when they work, and when they extend lives, and so far, Nuvilex's cell encapsulation technology has shown it does work and it does extend lives.

Before we look at the results that are better than the current standard, let's look at how the technology works and why, quite frankly, it's better than adding another drug to a cancer patient's daily routine.

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