August 16, 2011 15:07 ET

POW WOW Books: "Section 132" Novel Highlights Deviant Practices of FLDS Sect

BRIDGE LAKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 16, 2011) - B.C. novelist Helga Zeiner's latest book "Section 132" tells the story of a 13-year old American child bride smuggled into Canada to marry the Bishop of a Mormon off-shoot sect.

When it was published last month, Zeiner could not have imagined that its explosive content – child-bride trafficking, sexual assault and slave labor of young boys and girls - would be highlighted by the sentencing of FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs and the subsequent re-opening of a police investigation into Bountiful, the infamous village on the southern border of B.C.

In her sixth novel, Helga Zeiner tells a gripping tale that digs deep into the puzzling question: Why do the 'sister-wives' of one Bishop willingly accept a life of servitude and submission, that includes presenting their own under-age daughters to Church Elders as sex slaves?

Helga Zeiner began researching "Section 132" several years ago after reading an article about Bountiful in the Vancouver Sun. "I was shocked that this could be happening today, in our Province, our educated, freedom-loving Canada," says Zeiner. Her extensive research made her aware of the physical, mental and emotional damage inflicted on children by senior members of the FLDS. She found it deeply disturbing that such abuse has been able to flourish unchecked for so long.

"I was amazed so few people are aware of what goes on behind the closed doors of the FLDS. I found it hard to believe that the authorities ignored it for so long so I decided to write a novel based on fact. A novel can reach a wide audience, opening peoples' eyes and minds and increasing their awareness. Having read the harrowing testimonies of former victims and studied the Doctrine And Covenants of the Book of Mormon to gain insight into the twisted FLDS justification of this sect's behavior, it is deeply satisfying to me to learn that Warren Jeffs has now been punished for his terrible crimes. Above all, the Canadian authorities are finally taking action and investigating the disappearance of many young girls from Bountiful."

Zeiner, an established writer in her native Munich, Germany, has published five novels in German but chose to write "Section 132" in English to widen her readership and ensure international awareness and condemnation of the FLDS's perverse practices.

Zeiner moved to Canada 12 years ago and has since taken Canadian citizenship. She lives with her husband in the Cariboo, B.C., and devotes her time to writing fiction and developing film scripts. She is passionate about nature conservation and preserving the natural environment and wildlife of the Cariboo.


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