June 08, 2005 08:00 ET

Power Architecture Lauded at European Summit Movement Adds New Members Supporting Group's Formation; New Products Based on Power Architecture Technology Demonstrated

BARCELONA, SPAIN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 8, 2005 -- -- a movement dedicated to accelerating collaborative innovation on the Power™ microprocessor technology -- today announced eleven new members supporting the group's formation, demonstrated breakthrough products and detailed momentum on the European continent for Power Architecture™ technology.

The movement aims to collaborate globally on industry standards for microprocessor technology. Joining the seventeen companies that announced in December 2004 their intention to form are eleven leading global organizations, including:

--  AboveMicro -- AboveMicro Technologies Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary
    of IPCore Technologies, is a startup company that provides world-class IC
    design and turnkey subcontracting services serving International ASIC
    design demands. It is an international company headquartered in Shanghai,
    China, with sites also in U.S., Taiwan, and Japan, and has core
    competancies in Design Optimization for low power, high performance, and
    low cost and has comprehensive deep submicron solutions support for
    processes down through 90nm process generation. More information can be
    found at
--  Anyka Cayman -- Anyka Cayman Corporation is a fabless design house
    that currently focuses on designing, marketing and sales of VLSI chips for
    mobile multimedia handheld devices. It also provides customers with end-to-
    end solutions based on Anyka's application processor. Anyka has filed many
    patents on its innovations in mobile multimedia encoding/decoding
    algorithms and protocols. It is also one of the key content producers and
    providers of mobile multimedia applications in China.
--  Barcelona Supercomputing Center -- Barcelona Supercomputing Center
    (BSC) joins as a formal participant in order to more effectively
    drive future design and standards based on Power Architecture™
    technologies. The intention is for BSC to help contribute to any sub-groups
    in that focus on Supercomputing.  Overall, the goal is to promote
    the delivery of advanced Power-based technology to the market place sooner.
--  Celestica -- Celestica is a world leader in the delivery of innovative
    electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Celestica operates a highly
    sophisticated global manufacturing network with operations in Asia, Europe
    and the Americas, providing a broad range of integrated services and
    solutions to leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Celestica's
    expertise in quality, technology and supply chain management, and
    leadership in the global deployment of Lean principles, enables the company
    to provide competitive advantage to its customers by improving time-to-
    market, scalability and manufacturing efficiency.
--  DAFCA -- DAFCA is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software
    company located in Framingham, Massachusetts. It is focused on in-silicon
    discovery, rapid root-cause analysis and error fix of sophisticated SoCs.
--  Forte Design Automation -- Forte Design Systems is a leading provider
    of software products that enable design at a higher-level of abstraction.
    Forte's innovative Cynthesizer product provides an automated path from C-
    algorithms to high-performance hardware significantly reducing time-to-
    market and improving the design performance characteristics.
--  Rapport Incorporated -- Rapport Incorporated is a premier source of
    configurable embedded chips, offering the most advanced dynamic
    architecture available today in working silicon. Rapport addresses the
    shortcomings of conventional chips by putting thousands of flexibly
    connected parallel processors on a single chip. Chips based on Rapport's
    unique Kilocore™ technology can be configured to provide a wide variety
    of compute-intensive application, providing unprecedented computing energy
    by optimizing high performance and low power consumption as needed.
    Kilocore is highly scalable and can accelerate Power-based applications
    while maximizing their computing energy, from embedded cores to mobile
--  Teak Technologies, Inc. -- Teak Technologies is a pioneer in the
    commercialization of its patented, standards-compliant switching technology
    to deliver guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) in high-performance
    server/networking applications.
--  TimeLab -- TimeLab produces highly integrated digital semiconductors
    that can replace the expensive analog circuits currently found in clocking,
    synchronization and data conversion applications. Major benefits can
    include reduced bill-of-material costs, extended battery life in portable
    systems, increased performance of desktop systems, lower electromagnetic
    interference and cooler operation in systems constrained by space.
--  Universal Scientific Industrial -- Universal Scientific Industrial is
    a leading global company in the Design and Manufacturing Services (DMS)
    industry.  USI is a provider of turn-key and value-added engineering and
    manufacturing services to Power Architecture-based solutions in the Home
    Network Attached-Storage and Home Media center solutions.  USI has numerous
    Power Architecture-based solutions under development, including storage and
    server technology with broadband and wireless applications.
--  Venture Corporation Limited -- Ranked among the best in value chain
    management, Venture provides strategic outsourcing services for leading
    electronics companies worldwide.  The company is highly regarded for its
    superior technical expertise and flawless execution, and has built its
    reputation upon delivering innovative design solutions, manufacturing
    technology and world-class testing capabilities which leading Fortune 500
    companies, depend on for their long-term needs.
"We welcome these innovative companies as they embark on groundbreaking research and development on Power Architecture technology," said Nigel Beck, vice president technology marketing, IBM. The next wave of innovation in electronics, in areas such as consumer devices, require a highly optimizable microprocessor technology -- one able to be quickly tuned to create entire new products for growing market segments."

New Products and Systems Momentum

Companies involved in forming unveiled new products and deployments based on Power Architecture technology, while others announced significant industry momentum on Power Architecture-based products already brought to market:

--  Thales -- Introduced today the EasyG5 -- the world's first Dual-G5 VME
    system on the market.  The EasyG5 system is built from the Power
    Architecture technology and designed specifically for use in cutting-edge
    avionics environments and military embedded applications.
--  Max Planck Society -- Announced today, the Max Planck Society will use
    a cutting-edge, POWER5™ processor-based IBM eServer p5 575
    supercomputing system to double its computing power, allowing research and
    experiments which before were not possible -- in the areas of
    nanotechnology and environmental protection as well as other innovative
    research projects envisioned by the Society.
--  Xilinx -- Xilinx, Inc. today announced significant momentum with
    integrated PowerPC™ cores in Xilinx Virtex™-II Pro Platform FPGAs.
    The milestone underscores industry traction and continued success achieved
    with the Virtex-II Pro PowerPC solution for customers worldwide.
--  Synopsys -- Announced today announced the availability of fully
    synthesizable versions of IBM's PowerPC® 405 and 440 processors as part
    of the DesignWare® Star IP (intellectual property) program. The IBM
    PowerPC processors will be distributed as fully soft register transfer
    level (RTL) cores which can be easily implemented in any foundry process
    and configured to product design requirements including low power, high
    performance, or small silicon area.
"Emerging companies and innovators in today's business environment face challenges of flexibility, time-to-market and time-to-volume," said Pierre Martini, Director, 3i Venture. "The initiative can address these challenges head-on, providing a true catalyst of innovation and a force behind the very type of emerging business opportunities we look to support."

Power microprocessors are the heartbeat of products ranging from video gaming systems and telematics to supercomputers.

New companies announced today join existing companies such as AMCC, Bull, Cadence Design Systems, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Culturecom, IBM, Jabil Circuit, Novell, Red Hat, Sony Corporation, Shanghai Belling, Synopsys, Thales, Tundra Semiconductor and Wistron in forming

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