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November 26, 2013 12:00 ET

Power Assure CTO Outlines Steps for Implementing Software-Defined Power in Enterprise Data Centers

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 26, 2013) - Software-Defined Power is an emerging solution to application-level reliability issues being caused by power problems. Software-Defined Power, like the broader Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), is about creating a layer of abstraction that isolates the application from local power dependencies. Power Assure's CTO Clemens Pfeiffer asserts that Software-Defined Power requires IT to continuously match resources with application demand and to shift an application to the data center with the most reliable and cost efficient power source at any given time within the limits of application service level guarantees. 

According to Pfeiffer, Software-Defined Power works in enterprise data centers by following the five implementation stages shown below:

  1. Get a baseline of each application, its utilization and the associated power consumption and backup/disaster recovery capacity. Gain real-time insight into power consumption and IT utilization;
  2. Analyze data center efficiency using the baseline information and real time measurements to identify inefficient or underutilized IT equipment;
  3. Automate dynamic application workload movements across multiple data centers and adjust associated facility infrastructure dynamically using existing standard operating procedures; 
  4. Make dynamic workload management and server capacity adjustments a matter of routine to not only react on catastrophic events but also proactively before bad things happen; and
  5. Integrate with energy market intelligence to identify cost, demand response and ancillary service opportunities to monetize on the dynamic workload management across data centers and capitalize on energy market participation to fund the implementation of Software-Defined Power.

Software-Defined Power is very valuable in conquering the challenges of application reliability, as well as saving energy costs. Increasing application reliability and improving data center efficiency was recognized as "leading edge" by IDC in a new vendor profile report "Power Assure addresses datacenter energy optimization through software-defined power."(1)

"While much of the focus in datacenter efficiency has focused on new designs and innovations in the building process as well as new energy-efficient hardware, IDC believes that becoming involved in the energy market and improving energy management using solutions such as Power Assure's Software Defined Power is a logical way for the large datacenter owners and operators to decrease costs while increasing efficiency," said Jennifer Koppy, analyst, IDC.

"While the cost savings that result from avoiding application downtime are real and substantial, they are difficult to quantify," said Pfeiffer. "Fortunately, Software Defined Power pays for itself entirely, within a year, by significantly reducing the amount of energy data centers consume; paying lower rates for most of those kilowatt-hours; and enabling data centers to potentially participate in lucrative Demand Response programs."

To download the IDC vendor profile "Power Assure addresses datacenter energy optimization through software-defined power," visit here.

(1) Vendor Profile: Power Assure addresses datacenter energy optimization through software-defined power, November 2013 by Jennifer Koppy.

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Power Assure is a leading developer of software-defined power solutions that mitigate data center power risk for large enterprises, government agencies and managed service providers; and add value to third party DCIM and application management suites through OEM and integration partnerships. Power Assure's patented Software Defined Power implementation brings together application monitoring, IT management, DCIM and power measurement, adding enterprise scale automation, analytics and market intelligence to produce the first truly integrated solution on the market. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the company is privately held with funding from ABB Technology Ventures, Dominion Energy Technologies, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Good Energies, Point Judith Capital, and a grant from the Department of Energy. Power Assure partners include ABB, Cisco, Dell, IBM, In-Q-Tel, PARC, Raritan, UL and VMware.

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