SOURCE: Wisconsin Rotarians

May 03, 2005 11:21 ET

Power Flower to Save the Babies; The End of Global Hunger?

APPLETON, WI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 3, 2005 -- Wisconsin Rotarians and two Wisconsin flour millers are out to Save Millions of Babies around the World.

The Rotarians and The Millers are engaged in a effort to gain recognition by the United Nations and US Food Aid programs of a novel technique to save babies, and end hunger. The non-profit group: The Power Flour Action Network ("PFAN") promotes and distributes a well-known ingredient that will become a vital, new link in the world food aid chain.

The global hunger problem, especially among the very young children, is mind-boggling; this is what Wisconsin Rotarians are doing about it.

Power Flour© is a simple food made entirely of ground-up sprouted barley grains. The powder is widely used to flavor and condition such foods as corn flakes, breads, pizza crusts, malted milks, and even instant potato products. Malted barley flour is on the FDA list of items "generally recognized as safe."

Malted barley flour has a special quality. It is rich in enzymes that liquefy starchy foods such as corn, wheat, oats, cassava, yams, millet, breadfruit and many other starchy foods. These starchy foods are either staples distributed by international food aid programs or indigenous foods produced throughout the developing world.

Power Flour© "pre-digests" any of these hot boiled staples into a digestible fluid, a sort of baby "formula" containing simple sugars and all of the nutrients previously bound up in the base starchy foods. Two pinches added to a cup of corn mush or other cooked starch will make it sweet to taste and easy to digest. Power Flour© performs an important, vital digestive function that no other grain substance distributed as food aid performs.

Power Flour© has two major benefits: Starchy food is made easier to swallow for babies and very young children; The break down of complex starches into more simple sugars facilitates greater caloric uptake by the malnourished child.

A program directed by Jimmy Carter and Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug found that malnourished children in Ghana's villages realize three times more value from the food they eat when Power Flower© is used as an ingredient.

A growing body of research and experience suggests that using Power Flour© often means the difference between life and death for children suffering from malnourishment.

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