Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO)

Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO)

November 23, 2010 22:01 ET

Power Producers Welcome Long Term Energy Plan for Province

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 23, 2010) - Ontario's power producers welcomed the Ontario Government's release of its Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) today, APPrO president David Butters said.

"Clarity and stability are essential in attracting the kind of long term capital Ontario needs to ensure that our electricity system continues to be reliable, flexible and increasingly clean," he said. "The LTEP continues the direction the government has taken on electricity policy for some time, and it is clear about what kind of generation is expected to be in the supply mix going forward, and the capacity targets. It clarifies a number of the priorities for transmission and distribution new build and reinforcement, and it sets out clear targets for conservation and demand," he added.

Butters identified the commitment to a balanced portfolio of resources as a key aspect of the LTEP. This includes:

  • Acknowledging that nuclear power is essential for baseload generation going forward, through nuclear refurbishment and new build;
  • Recognizing that renewable generation such as wind, solar and water power must play an increasingly large role in the production of electricity and that strategic investment in transmission is required to realize the full potential of renewable investments; and
  • Committing to ongoing electricity system reliability, flexibility and efficiency through continued investment in natural gas fired generation, whether by maximizing existing assets, or through new cost effective Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects or larger generation facilities to address growing load in locations across the province.

In particular, Butters praised the government's directive to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to negotiate for new contracts with Ontario's existing non-utility generators (NUGs) where these would have cost and reliability benefits to Ontario electricity customers. "APPrO has urged such an approach for some time -- this is very welcome news", he said.

Butters said that APPrO members will continue to work with the Government and the OPA as well as other agencies to ensure that Ontario's power supply needs are met at the best cost, both from new resources and by maximizing the output and efficiency of existing generation resources. "What is needed now," he added, "is to get on with the next steps including approval by the Ontario Energy Board, and then turn the plan over to the appropriate agencies for execution, free from interference."

APPrO is a non-profit organization representing more than 100 companies involved in the generation of electricity in Ontario, including generators, suppliers of services, equipment and consulting services. APPrO members produce power from nuclear, hydro, fossil, wind, waste wood and other energy sources. APPrO's members currently produce over 95% of the electricity generated in Ontario.

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