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Powered, Inc.

September 01, 2009 10:20 ET

Powered, Inc. Offers Marketers Greater Customer Insights and Program Measurement With Latest Social Marketing Platform Release

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - September 1, 2009) -


  • Powered, the social marketing company, today released the 10.1 update to its social marketing platform for branded online communities. The new platform adds increased measurement tools to help marketers gain deeper insights into customer behavior, measure business objectives, and optimize program performance. Additionally, project galleries have been added, allowing community members to submit and browse "do-it-yourself" projects, and provide an additional touch point for marketers to engage community members through unique, compelling content.
  • Program Measurement, Analytics and ROI Enhancements further strengthen Powered's unrivaled capabilities for tracking and reporting program success results. Significant areas of improvement include 1) Web analytics, 2) multimedia metrics, 3) demand generation tracking, 4) end-user reported (survey) efficacy statistics and 5) community health dashboards.
    • Web Analytics Association (WAA) Standardization puts Powered's Web analytics platform in compliance with industry accepted definitions of core metrics such as page views, visits, visitors, bounce rate, time on site, etc. In addition to WAA standardization, newly enhanced Web analytics reports provide more structured, segmented and deeper insights on how community activity is contributing to business KPIs such as brand awareness, engagement and loyalty behavior.
    • Enhanced Video and Flash Content Metrics provide deeper insight into corresponding user engagement behavior (e.g., "plays", consumption, completion rates, etc.) for rich media content.
    • Demand Generation Tracking Improvements allow more accurate reporting of traffic coming directly from a company's online community to any of their other sites. This provides marketers with visibility into the overall demand generation value that the community is contributing to the brand's entire suite of Web properties.
    • Integrated Survey System Improvements provide brands with greater segmentation abilities and deeper insights into community effectiveness and customer needs through community member surveys.
    • Community Health Dashboards offer frequent and up-to-date snapshots of community engagement and behavior data that provide at-a-glance insights into the ongoing health of a community. Metrics including site traffic statistics, key site conversions, social activities and content engagement levels all help to keep a finger on the pulse of community performance.
  • Project Galleries facilitate a continued stream of rich, engaging, educational content within online communities and will result in a corresponding increase in member engagement, loyalty and brand advocacy. This feature provides a structured way for community members and the brand sponsoring the community to submit "do it yourself projects" such as home improvement, trips, recipes or any other "project" requiring instructions, to a public site gallery. For example:
    • A travel-based brand could use a project gallery to allow members to submit tips, points of interest or directions for going on a particular vacation or road trip.
    • A food/diet based company could use project galleries in the context of recipes to allow community members to submit their favorite recipes, health and nutrition tips and success stories.
    • The community sponsoring brand also has the ability to share professional "projects" created by its experts, and visually tag these brand-submitted "projects" in order to distinguish them from the user submitted variety.
    • From the public gallery, members can browse, filter and sort "projects" in order to find and share the ones that interest them most.
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  • "These new features further distinguish Powered's world-class ability to engage customers with rich, educational content and report on efficacy and ROI of community features and content through analytics and reporting. Based on customer feedback and continued innovation, we will continue to improve the Powered platform to ensure it evolves with the changing needs of marketers and their customers."
  • --Don Sedota, Product Manager, Powered, Inc

  • "For every company, shepherding their brand in the new world of social can and should be a different experience. What works for one certainly may not work for all; as such, Powered is committed to updating our social marketing platform to meet the wants of our brand partners and the needs of their community members."
  • -- Aaron Strout, VP marketing, Powered, Inc. - click for The Engaged Consumer blog


Powered creates social marketing programs that help brands connect and build relationships with their customers through managed online communities. Unlike other marketing programs, online communities allow businesses to engage with customers through a combination of expert content and online community interactions. Throughout the Customer Lifecycle -- from Awareness to Advocacy -- clients achieve measurable results with real-time data and insights. Our leading-edge, integrated technology platform coupled with years of experience building successful online communities sets us apart. We define the right community strategy, develop professional content, and deliver insightful program analytics to help clients meet their marketing objectives. Innovative global brands including HP, iVillage, Atkins, RadioShack, and Sony rely on Powered for intelligent social marketing programs that drive sales, build brand loyalty and deliver a significantly higher ROI than other marketing programs.

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