Powernoodle Inc.

Powernoodle Inc.

February 03, 2011 16:56 ET

Powernoodle Launches, Offers Gaming Inspired Solution for Effective Virtual Meetings

Ineffective Meetings Cost Organizations Billions of Dollars a Year Globally. A Celebration at the Renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival Theatre Marked the Launch of Powernoodle, an Engaging Web-Based Meeting Tool Designed to Address the Issue Head-On at a Global Level.

STRATFORD, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 3, 2011) - "Why can't people have fun at work?" asked Powernoodle Inc. Founder and CEO Deb Krizmanich, as she kicked off Powernoodle's launch event at the renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival Theatre. People spend fifty to eighty percent of their careers in meetings and most of that time is perceived to be wasted or ineffective. The resulting cost is billions of dollars globally each year.

Powernoodle draws inspiration from online multi-player gaming and social media, to engage people in a proven guided process that moves ideas from brainstorm to action. Long-time Facilitator and Lead Investor for Golden Triangle Angelnet, Frank Erschen described his experience using Powernoodle, "I was gobsmacked by the strength of the validation I experienced when I had a chance to use it in a real situation," adding, "it addresses head on a problem that everyone in every business in every industry experiences too often: inefficient and/or ineffective group problem solving."

Over one hundred people gathered to celebrate Powernoodle's launch and the Stratford ecosystem of partners that Powernoodle comes from. "Congratulations to the staff and investors of Powernoodle. Your software innovation is designed to help people to collaborate in a powerful new virtual way, whether next door or around the world," stated John Wilkinson, MPP, Perth-Wellington. "Powernoodle is an example of local entrepreneurs striving to meet the growing needs of our new digital economy while creating knowledge-based jobs right here at home."

Stratford Mayor, Dan Mathieson plans to employ Powernoodle as a virtual Town Hall meeting format, saying: "We are excited to use Powernoodle in our city, as a way to encourage candid and honest feedback from our citizens."

Tony award nominated Stratford actor Scott Wentworth was Master of Ceremonies for the vibrant affair. Confucius, Caesar, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Queen Elizabeth circulated among the crowd, touting their missed Powernoodle moments and posing for photos with the guests, reflecting the product`s use of brilliant historical avatars to inspire people to choose a positive leadership style and to offer anonymous participation for more candid feedback. Kevin Tuer, Managing Director of the Canadian Digital Media Network (Canada 3.0) commented: "The launch of Powernoodle is yet another example of Stratford's growing leadership in the digital world."

Unique for using gaming principles, reward & recognition and a proven guided process, Powernoodle is for leaders interested in hearing their people's great ideas, who want and need the views of the people around them to make better decisions. It's for leaders who appreciate teamwork. Tobi Day-Hamilton, Director Advancement for the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus noted, "I look forward to seeing Powernoodle fill a sweet spot with the combination of technology and creativity to foster collaboration."

Digital media elites and the entire room of government, business, tech and education partners participated in a demonstration of Powernoodle, to answer the question: What will make the virtual office go mainstream in 2011?

The Powernoodle meeting took less than an hour. As they brainstormed, ideas were captured on virtual sticky notes, arrows were launched onscreen to vote for their favourites, piles of gold were allocated to prioritize them and the best ideas were then captured in an action plan. The group chose and created an Action Plan based on three top ideas: 1- user friendly software, 2- a younger workforce accustomed to using collaboration tools and 3- the rising cost of travel.

Powernoodle engages people to make virtual meetings effective and fun!

A multi-player gaming, collaboration and virtual meeting mashup… welcome to Powernoodle.

About Powernoodle Inc.:

Powernoodle Inc. is a clever Software as a Service (SaaS) company dedicated to addressing the billions of dollars organizations waste with ineffective meetings through its web-based Powernoodle meeting tool. Using gaming principles, reward & recognition and a proven guided process, Powernoodle is making virtual meetings effective and fun! Powernoodle Inc. is a privately held company committed to being smart, working hard and having fun. www.powernoodle.com

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