SOURCE: Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC

July 01, 2008 09:30 ET

PowerShares Global Wind Energy ETF Lists on NASDAQ

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - July 1, 2008) - Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC, a leading provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), announced that its global wind energy portfolio begins trading today on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

The ticker symbol and ETF portfolio name follows:

--  PWND - PowerShares Global Wind Energy Portfolio

"Wind power is among the largest emerging clean energy sources on the planet, and our goal with PWND is to give investors a more innovative and precise way to access this important sector through the inherent structural benefits of an ETF," said Bruce Bond, president and CEO of Invesco PowerShares.

The PowerShares Global Wind Energy Portfolio (PWND) is based on the NASDAQ OMX Clean Edge® Global Wind Energy Index. This index includes companies that are primarily manufacturers, developers, distributors, installers and users of energy derived from wind sources. The Index selects companies listed on global stock exchanges and uses a modified market capitalization-weighted methodology, with consideration to trading volume and float-adjusted market capitalization minimums. The index is reconstituted semi-annually and rebalanced quarterly.

Index Country Weightings as of 6/23/2008

Country              Index
Belgium              5.67%
Canada               3.14%
Denmark             14.00%
France               8.00%
Germany             16.52%
Greece               1.24%
Hong Kong            5.03%
Japan                2.29%
Spain               22.69%
Switzerland          3.75%
United Kingdom       6.13%
United States       11.55%

Source: The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc., based on hypothetical Index information as of June 23, 2008. The Index was not yet operational as of June 23, 2008. Allocations represent the percentages that would have been utilized if the Index had been operational. Data is subject to change. Index values do not represent Fund values. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The Index performance results are hypothetical; Index returns do not represent Fund returns. An investor cannot invest directly in an index. The Index does not charge management fees or brokerage expenses, and no such fees or expenses were deducted from the hypothetical performance shown; nor does the Index lend securities, and no revenues from securities lending were added to the performance shown. In addition, the results actual investors might have achieved would have differed from those shown because of differences in the timing, amounts of their investments, and fees and expenses associated with an investment in the Fund.

Invesco PowerShares is leading the intelligent ETF revolution through its family of more than 100 domestic and international index-based and actively managed exchange-traded funds. With assets under management as of April 30, 2008 of approximately $13.86 billion, PowerShares ETFs trade on all of the major U.S. stock exchanges that trade ETFs. For more information, please visit us at

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There are risks involved with investing in ETFs, including possible loss of money. The Funds are not actively managed and are subject to risk similar to stocks.

Shares are not FDIC insured, may lose value and have no bank guarantee.

Investments in the securities of non-U.S. issuers involve risks beyond those associated with investments in U.S. securities, including, but not limited to: greater market volatility, the availability of less reliable financial information, higher transactional costs, taxation by foreign governments, decreased market liquidity and political instability, among others.

The Fund is also concentrated in the wind energy industry. This involves risks, including, but not limited to: the wind energy industry can be significantly affected by obsolescence of existing technology, short product cycles, falling prices and profits, competition from new market entrants and general economic conditions, among other factors. The wind energy industry can be significantly affected by fluctuations in energy prices and supply and demand of alternative energy fuels, energy conservation, the success of exploration projects and tax and other government regulations. Wind energy industry companies could be adversely affected by commodity price volatility, changes in exchange rates, the imposition of import controls, increased competition, depletion of resources, technological developments and labor relations.

Investing in securities of small and medium capitalization companies involves greater risk than is customarily associated with investing in larger, more established companies. Please see the prospectus for more complete risk information.

PowerShares® is a registered trademark of Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC. Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC and Invesco Aim Distributors, Inc. are indirect, wholly owned subsidiaries of Invesco Ltd. NASDAQ®, OMX™ and NASDAQ OMX Clean Edge® Global Wind Energy Index are trade/service marks of The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (which with its affiliates is referred to as the "Corporations") and are licensed for use by Invesco PowerShares. The Fund has not been passed on by the Corporations as to their legality or suitability. The Fund is not issued, endorsed, sold or promoted by the Corporations. The Corporations make no warranties and bear no liability with respect To The Fund.

Shares are not individually redeemable and owners of the shares may acquire those shares from the Funds and tender those shares for redemption to the Funds in Creation Unit aggregations only, typically consisting of 100,000 shares.

Invesco Aim Distributors, Inc. is the distributor of the PowerShares Exchange-Traded Fund Trust II.

An investor should consider the Fund's investment objective, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. For this and more complete information about the Fund call 800.983.0903 for a prospectus. The prospectus contains this and other information regarding the Fund. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

The prospectus is not an offer to sell the portfolio Shares, nor is the portfolio soliciting an offer to buy its Shares in any jurisdiction where the offer or sale is not permitted.

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