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PowerStream Inc.

July 11, 2008 15:58 ET

PowerStream's 'peaksaver® Promoters' Can Earn Up to $75

Utility joins forces with the OPA to launch pilot 'neighbours' referral program

YORK REGION, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 11, 2008) - If you are a PowerStream customer currently enrolled in the electric utility's peaksaver conservation program, you can earn up to $75 by convincing your friends and neighbours to sign up as well.

The local electricity distribution company, which provides service to residential and business customers in Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan, has joined forces with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to launch a unique pilot referral program which rewards customers for helping to promote its peaksaver conservation program.

peaksaver neighbours pays eligible customers $25 for every neighbour or friend within PowerStream's service territory they refer to the program û up to a maximum of three referrals per customer û that subsequently become program participants. An eligible customer is deemed to be any PowerStream account holder who is currently participating in the program. Since this is a pilot initiative, reward payouts will only be made to the first 500 referrals that result in new program participants.

"We initially launched peaksaver in our service territory two years ago," Brian Bentz, President and CEO of PowerStream, said. "We believe the best ambassadors for peaksaver are its current participants who, through experience, can easily articulate how the program works to their friends and neighbours."

Bentz went on to explain that PowerStream would target market the peaksaver neighbours program to eligible participants by sending them an addressed postcard with program information, follow-up telephone calls and outreach at community events.

"peaksaver is one of the core programs in the Ontario Power Authority's array of conservation initiatives presently being delivered across the province by local electricity distribution companies like PowerStream," said Paul Shervill, OPA's Vice President of Conservation and Sector Development. "peaksaver neighbours is an innovative tactic to market the program even further."

The peaksaver conservation program helps to ensure a reliable power supply in the province by providing the OPA and local electricity distribution companies the ability, during high peak demand times over the summer, to remotely cycle down central air conditioning units of participating customers. Since inside fans continue to operate during a peaksaver event, changes in temperatures or comfort levels at participating homes and businesses may not even be noticed.

Activation of peaksaver only occurs when absolutely necessary, most likely just a hand full of times in a season, usually on weekday afternoons during those exceptionally steamy summer days. By reducing the amount of electricity needed when demand for electricity is very high, peaksaver participants reduce the need to use coal-fired generating stations to meet the electricity shortfalls. These plants release greenhouse gases and contribute to air pollution.

Within PowerStream's service territory, over 2,500 customers are now peaksaver participants. In periods where demand for electricity is high, if participating customers have their electricity consumption reduced through the cycling down of air conditioners, the overall decrease of electricity demand is expected to be significant.

Customers that sign up for the program receive $25 and a free Honeywell thermostat, valued at $250, installed in their homes or businesses by a certified technician at no charge. This programmable thermostat also provides customers with the ability to control the temperature in their home remotely through the internet.

PowerStream customers interested in learning more about peaksaver or who wish to sign up for the program are encouraged to visit the company's website at www.powerstream.ca/peaksaver, or call the program's telephone hotline at 1-866-323-0206.

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PowerStream Inc. is the third largest local electricity distribution company in Ontario, providing service to more than 240,000 residential and business customers in the municipalities of Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. It is an incorporated entity, jointly owned by the City of Vaughan and the Town of Markham.

About the Ontario Power Authority

In pursuit of its mandate of ensuring an adequate, long-term supply of electricity for Ontario, the OPA creates and implements conservation and demand management programs, ensures adequate investment in new supply infrastructure, performs long-term electricity system planning, and facilitates the development of a more sustainable and competitive electricity system.

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